Letters to the editor for the week of Oct. 25

  • Saturday, October 26, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion

Reader says Alberson supports community

Dear editor,

James Alberson is all about growth, opportunity and safety for our community. James is a great support to the Renton community.

I have known him since 2015 and he is always mixing and helping the Renton community. He is all about the community and loves Renton

God bless James and God bless Renton. God bless America!


Miny Tafesses


Chamber member supports Alberson

Dear editor,

As a local business owner, and Chamber board member, it has been my pleasure to serve with James at the Renton Chamber of Commerce for the past several years. Over this time James’ commitment to Renton has been impressive, and his leadership as President of the Board has inspired meaningful growth. I believe that the time is right for James to serves as a city councilmember, where his passion for Renton will continue to have a positive impact on our community.

I support James Alberson for Renton City Council Position 3 without reservation.


Eric Gaston


O’Halloran’s high energy perfect for Renton

Dear editor,

Renton is in the middle of a most interesting political discussion this year with so many good folks competing for office.

This is democracy at it’s best!

One candidate that stands-out is Valerie O’Halloran, a long-time Renton resident.

I’ve worked with Valerie for years at the Renton Regional Community Foundation and know that she is deeply engaged in our city, always well researched and brings ideas and solutions, not obtuse rhetorical questions, to every decision.

Her high energy and deep commitment allow her to maintain a regional perspective and a local focus. Her commitment to environmental issues, the intricacies of the homelessness crisis and transportation solutions is unmatched. And, as a 30-year financial systems analyst, Valerie will keep our community solvent and ready for future challenges.

I especially appreciate the diversity exhibited in her broad, local and highly respected list of supporters and contributors.

Join me and many others in voting for Valerie O’Halloran for Renton City Council.


Rich Wagner


Former Renton leaders say ‘no’ to Maxwell

Dear editor,

In last week’s letter to the editor, Dolores Gibbons wrote in support of Marcie Maxwell for Mayor of Renton touting her experience in education. We would like to make it clear that the mayor and city council have no authority over the schools. City government and the schools are two completely separate branches of government with separately elected officials, structures and funding systems.

Further Ms. Maxwell has ZERO experience in city government. She has never served as a city elected official in any capacity. In our combined 36 years of elected city service, we think it is pretentious for anyone to think they can start at the top as mayor with no experience. Yes, she knows how to work the system to get endorsements. Yes, she has a lot of money and donates it strategically. Yes, she knows how to twist arms to get what she wants. We have both experienced this ourselves and it has been quite unpleasant. We don’t need a partisan bully in the mayor’s office. We need a leader and that’s why those of us who know what’s going on behind the scenes are supporting experienced Councilmember Armondo Pavone for Mayor of Renton.

We can speak the truth because neither of us are running for anything and we both care deeply about our community. Armondo knows how to collaborate with others to get the best outcome. He is invested in this community 100 percent with no hidden agendas. Please vote for Armondo for mayor.


Kathy Keolker

Former Renton Mayor and City Councilmember

and Marcie Palmer

Former Renton City Councilmember

Wellman says Maxwell shows up for Renton

Dear editor,

As one of five senators who include Renton in their district, I take a personal interest in the city and its future. As chair of the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee I’m particularly focused on Renton schools. And as a businesswoman, I’m interested in seeing Renton business expand and flourish.

There’s only one candidate who founded and supports the Renton Schools Foundation; Marcie Maxwell. And makes sure I’m there supporting them. There’s only one candidate who makes sure I know and support Renton Technical College; Marcie Maxwell. There’s only one candidate who make sure I know about the Renton Chamber of Commerce meetings, new businesses in town and new business developments; Marcie Maxwell. There’s only one candidate who comes down to Olympia to lobby me for Renton’s legislative requests; Marcie Maxwell. There’s only one candidate who invites me to neighborhood meetings about 405 ramps and traffic issues – and shows up herself! Marcie Maxwell.

And in all the time I’ve known her, Marcie has championed people, issues and businesses regardless of race, or religion, or any other factor – only if they’re good for Renton. Day in and day out she’s worked for her city and its people. And I’ve often wondered why Marcie Maxwell is the only one showing up for Renton. It sure didn’t take an election for her to do it.


Sen. Lisa Wellman

D-Mercer Island

Ex- councilman excited to vote for Maxwell

Dear editor,

Marcie Maxwell gives Renton voters an exciting opportunity to elect a Mayor who can lead the city forward while preserving and enhancing the things we love about Renton. Marcie is a successful businesswoman who has shown her commitment to this city through her 14 years of service as a Renton School Board Director and Washington Legislator.

Marcie is in touch with the needs and concerns of families and can make Renton an even better place to live, to learn and to do business.

In my 12 years on the Renton City Council I came to understand that Renton needs to be a regional leader to effectively manage the challenges of affordable housing, transportation and growth. For example, Mayor Tanner strongly supported building the Brightwater Treatment Plant in South Snohomish County. Otherwise, the South Treatment Plant in Renton would have been drastically expanded, causing a years-long construction mess and much worse odors. Marcie will be sure that Renton is always at the table, with smart solutions for regional issues, while making sure Renton always gets a fair deal.

Renton has capable, dedicated employees who serve us every day around the clock. Marcie has the professional and personal skills to help them succeed, to keep them with us, and to attract the best and brightest new hires in all departments. Let’s make Marcie Maxwell our next mayor!


Dan Clawson

Former Renton City Councilmember

Reader says Eyman and I-976 is misleading

Dear editor,

On Oct. 6 the Seattle Times reported on “The $1 million-plus fine levied against a signature-gathering firm laid bare how blatantly and how long initiative entrepreneur Tim Eyman and his allies disregarded state law.”

For the Oct. 18 Renton Reporter, Eyman’s misleading promotion of his latest attack on transportation funding was given pride of place in the opinion column, supplanting the usual professional editorial. And with nothing of the opposition statement. You give the impression that you endorse behavior our Attorney General has proven in court to be illegal.

You provided a platform for a proven fraud. As a journalistic organization I expect better.


Christopher Carlson


‘No room for Eyman in the paper’

Dear editor,

I oppose your decision to include a Tim Eyman authored editorial in the Renton Reporter. Eyman’s history of theft from [Office] Depot and refusal to participate in an investigation of his campaign activities by the state Attorney General should preclude his participation in the public discourse of State Bill I-976. Your pro I-976 editorials should be authored by someone with credibility and integrity of character.


Greg Chaney


‘Vote yes for Renton’s schools!’

Dear editor,

I am a mother of two children in the Renton School District. I see first hand how hard our teachers and staff work to provide an outstanding education and positive social learning environment for all students. It is imperative that we do our part to help our local educators prepare our children for a bright future. This is why I am voting YES! for the School Construction Bond for Renton Schools on the Nov. 5 ballot.

By supporting this measure, voters will demonstrate and acknowledge the value of education and our growing community. This measure will fund the construction of an additional elementary school in the northeast area of our city where schools serving our youngest students are overcapacity.

Schools will also receive much needed safety upgrades, heating/cooling system replacements, improvements in ball fields, playgrounds, track and fields and swimming pools used by both students and neighborhood residents. Additional science classrooms will also be created to help students meet increased high school graduation requirements.

Because of increased growth and local economic success in our region, a Yes! vote will still see school district tax rates remain flat!

This is an opportunity to create and maintain a standard of excellence in our community. Good schools positively affect our neighborhoods, improve property values and build a stronger community.

This measure received overwhelming voter support of nearly 63 percent “yes” votes in Feb. 2019, but needed an additional 400 votes to pass. Join me in voting Yes! and mail your ballot by November 5, 2019.

Make your voice heard! Please help our schools and community be the best place to learn, live and thrive!


Ellie Diaz


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