Suspects arrested after drive-by shooting at busy intersection

Police believe the shooter may have targeted police, no one was injured.

Renton police have arrested two suspects they believe to have targeted an officer during a drive-by shooting.

On Sept. 7 just before 5pm, a Renton police officer waited to turn left at the intersection of Talbot Road South and South Grady Way when she heard at least 10 shots from the adjacent Chevron parking lot, according to a RPD press release.

A red Kia was seen fleeing the scene and witnesses indicated the suspected shooter was in the vehicle.

After a short pursuit, officers were able to arrest the driver and passenger in the Kia. The suspected shooter, a 24-year-old Kirkland man, was booked for first-degree assault and drive-by shooting. The 23-year-old man driving the car was charged with drive-by shooting and attempting to evade a pursuing police vehicle.

Police claim video evidence shows that the officer was targeting during by the shooter.

Police say no one was injured during the shooting, but at least one vehicle was struck by a bullet.