School bond is expanding its lead

The all-important “yes” vote is continuing to firm up in the all-mail-in election for the Renton School District’s $150 million construction bond.

As of Thursday, the bond was receiving a 61.56 percent “yes” vote. The initial results released on Election Day Tuesday showed the bond just under the 60-percent needed for passage.

Election results won’t be certified until June 4, but bond supporters say the numbers look good.

“Historically, once we pass the 60-percent threshold, we don’t go back,” says Ed Prince, chair of the campaign committee.

This was the second election for the bond. During the first election, on March 11, the bond failed to achieve the required 60-percent majority by just 78 votes. Two levies passed during that election — one to pay for general costs and the other technology.

“I’m very happy, very, very happy,” Prince says of the bond’s likely success. “We have a really core group of committed volunteers who worked really hard to ensure it passed.”

Election results

Election results for the Renton School District’s $150 million construction bond are posted late in the day at the King County Web site,