Renton Regional Fire Authority reports six “significant” incidents during September

The Renton Regional Fire Authority (Renton RFA) reportedly responded to 1,563 total incidents during the month of September 2023, of those, the agency categorized six of those incidents as “significant.”

The department reported that there were two “significant” EMS calls and four “significant” fire calls.

The incidents were described by the Renton Regional Fire Authority in a recent report as follows:

On Sept. 5, Renton RFA responded to a natural vegetation fire on the 200 block of Mill Avenue S. The department responded with three engines, an aid unit and two officer rigs for a total of 13 RRFA personnel.

Citizens alerted crews of an active fire near the Renton History Museum. Crews reported heavy smoke and flames extending above the South side of the local bike shop. On arrival they found a few trees on fire next to the bike shop and upgraded to a commercial response. Firefighters began their fire attack. One unit completed a primary search for any fire extension inside the building.

“The ladder unit checked for fire extension on the roof – none was found. After a secondary search the incident was downgraded, and the scene was turned over to the fire investigation where it is under investigation,” the department wrote in its report of the Sept. 5 incident.

On Sept. 6, the department responded to a residential fire in the area on the 108200 block of SE 173rd St. Renton RFA responded with Puget Sound Regional Fire.

Dispatch stated the source was from an explosion of the hot water heater. An off-duty police officer reported the fire and noted the homeowner had evacuated. Crews arrived on scene at a small single-story house with smoke coming from the eaves on the front and side.

“Units completed a search around the structure and began their fire attack. Firefighters completed a primary search, checked for any fire extension, and found no fire, but smoke in the attic,” the department wrote in its report. “Crews completed ventilation and escorted the resident through the home to gather belongings.”

Puget Sound Energy arrived, and the scene was turned over to the fire investigator and determined the fire accidental.

On Sept. 6, Renton RFA responded to a vehicle and bicycle accident in the area on the residential street near 1700 Benson Rd S. Renton RFA responded with King County Medic One. Crews arrived on scene to an injured bicyclist lying on the side of the road, approximately 50-ft from where the car stopped.

Crews provided patient care then transferred care to KC Medic One, who transported the patient to Harborview Medical Center.

On Sept. 9, 2023, Renton RFA responded to a residential fire on the 18100 block of 141st Ave SE. Renton RFA responded with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority.

Units arrived at a two-story single-family home with nothing visible and investigated. One resident who was outside reported smoke coming from the window on the side. Crews found heavy smoke from an upstairs bedroom. The room had blackout coverings on the window, obscuring signs of smoke from the exterior. Firefighters found flames under the bed and extinguished them. They checked for fire extension and reported nothing found. The scene was turned over to King County fire investigators.

On Sept. 30, Renton RFA responded to a residential fire on a mutual aid call, outside of jurisdiction, on the 11800 block of 78th Ave S in Seattle’s Skyway neighborhood. Renton RFA responded with King County Fire District #20, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, King County Sheriff.

The first units arrived on scene and reported light smoke showing behind the home. Firefighters completed a search of the structure and reported no additional hazards.

There were reports from the King County Sheriff that the fire was intentionally started by one resident, who was in custody. Seattle utilities and the Red Cross were called to support the homeowners. The King County Fire Investigator was notified.

On Sept. 30, Renton RFA responded to a medical call on the 4000 block of Maple Valley Hwy. at the Maplewood Golf Course. Renton RFA responded with Renton Police and King County Medic One.

The crew arrived on scene to find a patient who collapsed on the course. Bystanders had initiated CPR followed by CPR and use of a defibrillator by responding Renton Police. Renton RFA crew took over CPR efforts until KC Medic One arrived on scene and took over the patient care. Units were unable to resuscitate the patient.