Doofers Bar & Grill wins Best Hamburgers in Renton

Many mighty, meaty options are found at the Renton hamburger hub.

Well, the people have voted, and according to Rentonites, Doofers Bar & Grill has the best hamburgers in town.

As a burger enthusiast myself, I decided to head over to 16430 SE 128th Street in East Renton to see what these ground meat sandwiches were all about.

The first thing I noticed was the extensive amount of burger options on the menu, with over 15 different burger options that included: the Hawaiian Burger ($17.50) — a teriyaki glazed burger topped with Swiss, ham, and pineapple; the Hot Wing Burger ($16.50) — basted in hot wing sauce, topped with American cheese, and smothered in ranch dressing; the Cowboy Burger ($17.50) — a blackened hamburger patty, topped with cheddar, bacon, salsa and an onion ring finished with a roasted garlic peppercorn ranch sauce; the Baja Turkey Burger ($16.95) — a turkey burger with grilled peppers & onions, pepper jack cheese, fresh avocado and salsa-ranch sauce on a ciabatta bun; as well as the Peanut Butter Burger ($17.50) which includes a seasoned hamburger patty topped with bacon, American cheese and fried onions, served on a toasted pub bun with a peanut butter mayo and shredded lettuce.

While I was tempted to order a basic burger as a way of assessing the place’s burger fundamentals and execution, I decided it would be more interesting (and tasty) to opt for a sandwich with a little more pizazz. That is why I ordered the Master Blaster Burger.

The Master Blaster Burger ($17.95) is not an ordinary burger patty, but one mixed with bacon and jalapeño. The burger is then topped with pepper jack cheese, fried onions, a fried egg and drizzled with sriracha.

The burger came out covered in a mass of crispy fried onion strings, splashed with zesty sriracha. Doofers served it with lettuce, pickles and onions on the side, to be applied in the way that one sees fit. I used a butter knife to carry the dressings over on top of my open bun piled with fried onions, half expecting the whole thing to fall apart upon my first bite. However, it passed the test that all burgers must — it stayed together until the very last bite.

The burger patty was tender and juicy, but not too much so, the textural contrast between the crunchy onions and the fudginess of the burger as a whole was perfect. The runny egg yolk added extra richness to the whole deal.

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