Letters to the Editor: Hate has no home here in Renton

Hate has no home here

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by Carol Oppen and Howard Anshell in their letters published in your Jan. 19 edition.

I hope that the people who took exception to the articles on Wiccans celebrating the Winter Solstice and the Drag Queen Story Time will learn that their narrow views are not shared by many of us, and that they consider opening their hearts to good people with beliefs and practices unlike their own.

Hate has no home here.

Ian Taylor


The right to exist is not up for debate

In 2019, a letter to the editor stated she was upset about the Renton Reporter “promoting propaganda” following a story about a library pride.

That same individual writes this year saying she doesn’t want coverage of “a lifestyle choice that negative affects children”. Both of these letter occurred at a period where LGBTQ events were being targeted by extremists.

I ask the our editor, and our community, to consider the potential impacts there are when publishing letters such as these in the weeks following anti-LGBTQ hate crimes and incidents.

It might be nice to not feel like every attack is a justification for debating our right to exist in the community space.

Winter Cashman