SWAT team, negotiator brought in to assist Renton Police with potentially violent incident

Responding officers reported that the suspect invited them to come upstairs to “be killed.”

On Nov. 29 around 7:40 p.m., Renton Police officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at a multi-housing property in the 5000 Block of Talbot Road South. When officers arrived, they discovered the adult male son of the homeowner was intoxicated and armed with brass knuckles and a knife.

Responding officers reported that the male subject invited them to come upstairs to “be killed.” Moments later, the male subject went downstairs and attempted to confront officers while still armed with the knife.

Realizing the male was escalating the situation officers extricated the remaining family members from the residence and began negotiations with the male in an effort to de-escalate the situation.

Officers onscene exited the residence completely when the male fled to a nearby bedroom and barricaded himself inside. Probable cause was established for Assault 2nd Degree and additional resources were dispatched to the scene.

A negotiator from the Tukwila Police Department reportedly responded and attempted to talk the male out of the residence but he refused to leave. The male continuously yelled at responding officers through an open upstairs window while holding a large knife.

At one point, the male reportedly stated, “Someone is going to have to die.” Police say the subject repeatedly challenged officers to come inside the residence and “get him.”

Eventually, Valley SWAT was requested to respond to the scene for tactical assistance. A search warrant was obtained, and Valley SWAT introduced non-lethal maneuvers into the residence in the hopes the male would exit the residence voluntarily.

A short time later, the male exited of his own accord and was taken into custody.

Police reported that while the male subject was being transported to King County Jail for booking, he repeatedly attempted to damage the interior of the patrol unit by trying to kick out the camera. He also allegedly told the transporting officer to “punch him in the face” in an attempt to provoke the officer to use force against him.

Police say the man continued to be belligerent as he was booked into King County Jail.