Shots fired at Teasdale Park; couple carjacked during drug deal | Renton police blotter

Also, a drive-by shooting at Fred Meyer.

Teasdale Park shooting

Renton police were dispatched at 7:09 p.m. July 25 to Teasdale Park at 601 South 23rd Street after receiving a report of an illegal discharge. Upon arriving, officers saw multiple vehicles and persons leaving the area. Officers immediately attempted to locate any involved parties with little success, according to the Renton Police Department.

Officers discovered an unoccupied silver BMW in the area filled with bullet holes. Renton police impounded and transported the vehicle to the department’s evidence garage.

Officers talked with an uninvolved witness that lived in the area. The witness advised police he heard the sounds of a shooting and saw a subject running north through his yard shortly after.

The unknown subject said to the witness that he was armed with a gun — the witness never observed a weapon — and said “something about family and (that) someone was shooting at him,” according to the department.

Another resident in the area described hearing shots, thought they saw bullets striking the ground in front of their home, and observed a subject running past, according to the department.

Officers conducted area checks for any individuals directly involved in the incident. The area checks found no involved persons. Multiple officers assisted with the scene and located approximately 27 shell casings of various calibers, live rounds, and two electronic devices. The department collected all items as evidence. According to the department, police checked area hospitals for recent patients with gunshot wounds without success.

“It’s unknown what precipitated this shooting,” said Cyndie Morris, Renton Police Department spokesperson, in an email.

Investigation into the incident continues.

Armed carjacking

Renton police were dispatched on July 24 at approximately 10:53 p.m. to report of an armed carjacking in the 1100 block of Harrington Avenue. The reporting party advised that suspects robbed him and his girlfriend at gunpoint and stole both their vehicles.

The woman suffered an injury to her leg in the incident after a suspect ran over her leg as they were leaving with the vehicle.

Both victims provided officers descriptions of the suspects and stolen vehicles. Following officers’ interviews with both victims, they discovered the victim’s initial report served as inaccurate.

According to the department, both the man and woman pre-arranged a meeting to sell narcotics with the suspects that resulted in an argument over the deal. After, the suspects robbed both the man and the woman of their vehicles, personal possessions, and the narcotics they were selling.

According to the department, both victims declined to cooperate further following disclosure of the discovery. According to the department, as both vehicles were taken by force, investigation into the robbery incident continues.

Drive-by shooting at Fred Meyer

Officers were dispatched on July 26 at approximately 1:54 p.m. to reports of a shooting in the area of Fred Meyer at 365 Renton Center Way Southwest with one potential victim shot.

According to the department, both the suspect and victim vehicle left prior to police arrival. According to the department, the victim sat parked at the gas pumps as the suspect exited his vehicle and the suspect’s passenger walked to a bus stop in the area.

The suspect fired two shots, striking the victim. The suspect picked up his passenger from the bus stop and fled the scene southbound on Rainier Avenue.

The victim left the scene in his vehicle and headed to Valley Medical Center where police tracked him down. According to the department, the victim suffered several gunshot wounds.

Police transported the victim’s vehicle to the Renton Police Department evidence garage. The department expects the victim to survive his wounds. Investigation into the incident continues.

Strong-arm robbery

Officers were dispatched on July 23 at approximately 9:46 p.m. to a report of a strong-armed robbery that occurred in the parking lot of the Walmart at 743 Rainier Avenue South.

Officers contacted a woman who advised she walked to her vehicle after finishing grocery shopping, loaded her groceries into the trunk of the vehicle, and as she returned the shopping cart to the corral, an unknown man exited the passenger side of a small black SUV and forcibly grabbed her backpack from her shoulder. The victim struggled to hold on to her backpack as the man wrenched it from her possession, according to the department.

The man jumped back into the SUV and the vehicle fled the area. According to the department, the suspects in the SUV were described as men dressed in all black clothing with face masks.

The victim advised police she kept several items of value inside the backpack. Renton police conducted an unsuccessful area check for the suspects and suspect vehicle. Investigation into the incident continues, according to the department. No injuries resulted from the incident.