Armed robbery on Langston Road | Renton Police Blotter

From the Renton police log.

Armed robbery

Renton police responded to an armed robbery in the 200 block of Southwest Langston Road at 3 p.m. April 16. According to the department, a couple stated to police that two suspects robbed them at gunpoint during an online marketplace transaction. The couple was interested in a vehicle that was for sale. Shortly after the couple arrived at the meeting place, two men jumped out of a different vehicle and opened the victims’ car doors and demanded their belongings, according to the department. The department described the suspects as approximately 20-year-old men with brown hair and black hair, wearing facemasks and dark gray and black clothing. One of the men had his hair in dreadlocks.

Robbery and assault

Renton police responded on April 14 to a robbery at the intersection of Southwest 5th Court and Stevens Avenue Southwest just after midnight. According to the department, the victim stated he was robbed approximately 20 to 30 minutes prior while he was out for a walk. The victim stated an unknown man approached him and began talking with him when suddenly, the victim was on the ground and in pain. The victim reported his gun, cellphone, and cash as stolen.