Renton Council President Valerie O’Halloran announces re-election campaign

O’Halloran was first elected in 2019.

Renton Council President Valerie O’Halloran announced her re-election campaign on March 6.

First elected in 2019, O’Halloran enters her re-election with support from Mayor Amando Pavone, Councilmembers Ruth Perez, James Alberson Jr., former council member Randy Corman, and former council member Marcie Palmer.

“Four years ago, I ran for City Council to ensure Renton remains a wonderful place to live, work, play, and learn,” O’Halloran said. “I am proud of the progress we have made working together as a team to solve our toughest challenges and make the most of our city’s many opportunities. I hope I have earned your trust in me so I can continue doing the people’s work.”

O’Halloran, who brings over 30 years of real-world finance experience, has Chaired the City’s Finance Committee, which is charged with collecting, accounting for, and investing close to $290 million per year.

“As Finance Chair, I helped ensure the City was positioned for a strong recovery from the pandemic downturn,” said O’Halloran.

Originally motivated to run for office to elevate the municipal response to Climate Change, O’Halloran has helped develop a city-wide Clean Economy Strategy, which represents a roadmap of local policies to reduce greenhouse emissions, enhance environmental sustainability and prepare for climate change. In addition, both the Public Works and Economic Development Departments have been reorganized with a focus on climate.

Renton Mayor Armondo Pavone said, “Council President O’Halloran has shown consistent calm and professionalism during her current term. She was unanimously voted Council President in only her fourth year, demonstrating leadership and trust amongst Councilmembers. She is well-respected by all levels of City staff, working closely with department Administrators. It is a pleasure to work with her in serving Renton constituents.”

Looking forward, O’Halloran points to an increased focus on community health and safety. “I continue to advocate to ensure our Human Services budget is meeting our basic needs, providing essential resources to our seniors, our unhoused and vulnerable neighbors, and always working for a safe, healthy and hopeful community,” said O’Halloran.

Renton Councilmember Ruth Perez said, “Councilmember O’Halloran has brought a unique combination of intelligence, pragmatism and dedicated hard work to bear for the people of Renton. Valerie engages with partners and stakeholders who hold a wide variety of views; she listens and studies hard. No other councilmember can match her understanding of municipal finance. Since being elected, she has committed herself to mastering municipal regulations and city governance.”