Man uses bug spray to escape machete attack | Renton police blotter

Sample from the Renton police log.

Domestic violence

Renton police responded on Sept. 21 at approximately 7:04 a.m. to a domestic-type incident reportedly occurring at a residence in the 1600 block of Benson Road South.

En route to the scene, dispatch informed officers that the caller reported her son had threatened her with a knife seven to eight minutes prior. Her son left the location after. Officers contacted the mother, a 50-year-old woman. She explained that at about 6:45 a.m. that morning, her 16-year-old son grabbed a kitchen knife in a verbal argument with her and held it to her throat. He said “something to the effect of, if she kept acting like she was acting, that he would kill her in the future,” according to the department.

Her son stole her phone from her and threw it after she wanted to call 911 for police to report the incident. He set the knife back in the kitchen, took her vehicle keys without permission, and drove from the scene. Officers found probable cause for crimes including assault in the first degree, interfering with a report of domestic violence, and taking a motor vehicle without permission in the second degree.

Officers checked the son’s school to try to locate and arrest him. At about 8:45 a.m., the son returned to his mother’s residence where officers located him and arrested him without incident, booking him into the King County Juvenile Detention Center for the aforementioned crimes, according to the department.


Renton police responded on Sept. 19 at approximately 1:11 a.m. to a report of an in-progress physical domestic situation at a residence located in the 2100 block of Southwest Sunset Boulevard.

Officers arrived and contacted the reporting party, a 16-year-old boy, and his mother, a 46-year-old woman. Both parties cooperated with officers, according to the department.

The son explained that his mother wanted him to accomplish housekeeping tasks that he did not do as instructed. As punishment, she took his cellphone and refused to give it back. He went into her room and demanded the phone be given back to him. Eventually, she attacked him by choking him three separate times. He called 911 as she choked him and she released her hold before going out to the balcony of the home.

The son complained of minor throat pain and officers observed redness on his neck and abrasions to his neck and shoulders. The mother admitted to police to “probably” grasping her son’s neck during the struggle, according to the department. Officers found probable cause for a charge of assault in the second degree against the mother, arresting her and booking her into the King County Jail.

Machetes and bug spray

Renton police were dispatched on Sept. 18 at approximately 11:37 a.m. to reports of an assault in the 70 block of Williams Avenue South.

Dispatch advised officers that the reporting party and victim, a 41-year-old man, said that two known suspects struck him in the head, resulting in a bleeding injury. He advised the suspects also had machetes and fled on foot prior to him calling.

Officers spoke to the victim who stated that his ex-girlfriend, a 26-year-old woman, and her new boyfriend, a 45-year-old man, broke into his house, according to the department.

A verbal argument with his ex-girlfriend escalated and she started to attack him. As his ex-girlfriend assaulted him, her boyfriend approached and started swinging his machete at him, but did not make contact.

Eventually both stopped attacking and he was able to get into another room. The ex-girlfriend then came at him with the machete, nearly striking him. He grabbed bug spray and started spraying it at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. They left after.

Medics responded and treated the victim for a head wound. Officers conducted an area check for the two suspects, but were unable to locate them, according to the department.

The department’s investigations team has taken over further review of the case.

Threatened in traffic

Renton police were dispatched on Sept. 21 at approximately 6:49 p.m. to a recent threat with a weapon near Renton Avenue South and Taylor Avenue Northwest.

The victim, a 35-year-old man, said the driver of a blue Honda CR-V aimed a gun at him prior to fleeing north on Taylor Avenue Northwest.

The officer arrived on scene and met with the victim, who stated he was driving home when the suspect vehicle tailgated him as he made his way to Renton Avenue South and headed toward Rainier Avenue North. The victim ignored the suspect vehicle and did not engage with the driver.

When the victim stopped his vehicle for a red traffic light at Renton Avenue South and Taylor Avenue Northwest, the suspect vehicle stopped alongside his vehicle. The suspect aimed a small revolver at him, and the victim, fearing for his life, drove straight through the light. He then turned around at Rainier Avenue North and saw the suspect vehicle drive north on Taylor Avenue Northwest and out of sight.

The department described the suspect as a 60-something white man with white hair. The suspect vehicle was described as a blue Honda CR-V with chrome rims and an unknown license plate. There were no other witnesses to the incident, according to the department. The department’s investigations team has taken over further review of the incident.