Housing developer pays fine, resumes construction at Tiffany Park neighborhood

Construction was first stopped in June after the city found two protected trees were removed.

The rumblings of construction resumes at controversial housing development in Tiffany Park neighborhood.

The city of Renton issued a stop work order to Henley Homes, developers of housing development Allura (also known as the Reserve) on June 23 after finding two protected trees were removed from the site.

Senior Planner Mona Davis said the developer’s arborist identified the removed trees as “hazardous” and authorized the removal of the trees in the initial clearing.

The stop work order was lifted on June 28 after the developers agreed to meet the city’s conditions.

In order to lift the stop work order, the city issued a set of conditions, including a $100 fine for each of the removed trees and the planting of 12 other trees in locations specified by the city. In addition, if the developers remove other protected trees in the future, the city will revoke their permit and cease all construction.

The replanting will occur as part of the plat construction and confirmed prior to final plat approval.

The developers paid the fine Wednesday, June 28 and have resumed construction.