Family First Community Center on track for February finish

Mayor Armondo Pavone toured the Family First Community Center in late December, led by Martin Pastucha, the city’s public works administrator, and Russ Woodruff, parks and recreation capital project coordinator.

“It’s exciting to see how what started as a dream is rapidly becoming a reality,” Pavone said. ” Soon, our residents will have access to a wide variety of activities and services designed for all ages.”

The approximately 25,000-square-foot center is located next to Cascade Elementary School and remains on track for completion in February 2023, according to the city. This project has developed through a strong public/private partnership between the city, Family First Community Center Foundation, led by former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, Jr., HealthPoint, and Renton School District.

The facility will house sports, art classes, music classes, and technology classes for youth. In addition, adults can take health and wellness programs, including group exercise, health education, cooking classes, personal training, yoga, sports recreation, and more.

Earlier in December, the center was awarded $500,000 in construction funding from King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove. For more information, visit