Renton food spot offers delicious Mexican-Caribbean fusion

Taco Dudes & Caribbean is located at 365 S. Grady Way right next to Uwajimaya.

Recently, I tried a Renton food spot that I had only heard about — Taco Dudes & Caribbean at 365 S. Grady Way, right next to Uwajimaya.

I had heard it was a taqueria that also served Caribbean-style tacos and sandwiches, so I made a lunch stop there to see what the fusion was all about.

Upon arriving, I noticed the spot was filled with other hungry lunch-goers and workers on their lunch break, a testament to its popularity.

The menu included a variety of tacos including chorizo tacos, steak tacos, the trendy birria, made of beef braised in a spicy consommé. They also had shrimp, fish and tofu taco options, with all the tacos priced at $3.50 each.

I was there to try a Caribbean-style sandwich for which options included many of the same taco meat options, but also braised Caribbean pork and ham and Swiss cheese pressed sandwiches.

All the sandwiches come on a light and crispy toasted French bread with their secret sauce, cilantro, caramelized onions, banana peppers, jalapeños and romaine lettuce.

I ordered the El Verde sandwich, a vegetable sandwich featuring avocados and their homemade garlic tapenade.

When the sandwich arrived, it was wrapped up in paper, which I learned was to help keep the sandwich from falling apart when you eat it, as I made the mistake of unwrapping it to take a photo.

Despite the difficulty in eating the sandwich, it was packed with flavor and textural contrast. It was spicy, rich, zesty and exactly what a person deserves during a weekday lunch. All the sandwiches are priced at around $12.

Taco Dudes & Caribbean also has a similar variety of quesadillas, burritos and bowls.