Renton Police Blotter

Dog attacks 87-year-old man | POLICE BLOTTER

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department’s incident reports.

An 87-year-old man was in his driveway on Feb. 17 when a 100-pound yellow Labrador walked by his house. The dog suddenly turned, ran toward his direction, and started attacking him. He put up his arms and hands up to block the attack, and even kicked the dog’s chest, knocking it off balance. But the dog persisted and lunged at the victim multiple times. The victim said this wasn’t the first time the dog attacked him.

According to the dog’s owner, the dog slipped past him when he opened the front door. The owner managed to capture and secure the dog inside a garage by the time police arrived on scene. The dog was impounded and transported to city kennels where it served 10-day state-mandated quarantine.

Inside job: A man called the police on Feb. 17 to report his storage unit had been burglarized.

The victim found his lock had been broken and his hunting bow and accessories (estimated value of $2,000), as well as four red and black polishing tools (estimated value of $3,500) were missing.

An employee of the public storage said there was no damage to the outside doors leading into the storage unit rented by the victim, leading them to believe the suspect could be somebody who rents a storage unit. There was no video surveillance at the location.

There is no further suspect information at this time.

A hole in the wall: On Feb. 19, owners of Teriyaki Wok on Northeast 44th Street called police to report a burglary.

According to one owner, she came into work to find a hole in the interior wall of the business. It appeared as if the suspect entered through the ceiling of Renton Spa, located next door, and forced entry through the wall. The owner reported three wedding rings and $30 in change were stolen. Nothing was stolen from Renton Spa.

There is no further suspect information at this time.

Squiggly mischief: A woman called police on Feb. 18 to report someone damaged her Toyota RAV4 at the 900 block of Sunset Boulevard Northeast.

She reported that someone had keyed her driver’s side door and that the scratch mark was deep enough to make a small dent. The scratch ran about 24-inches long and was made in a “squiggly” fashion. There was a small amount of white paint on the front driver’s side fender.

There is no further suspect information at the time.