Cheers n’ jeers: Renton police operation targets retail theft

Cheers to the Renton Police Department for its recent operation to thwart organized retail theft.

Two months in the making, the operation was a partnership with loss prevention personnel at Target and Lowe’s in Renton — and resulted in the arrest of 12 suspects. Police also recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise.

Organized retail theft is far from a victimless crime because businesses recover these losses by passing on the costs to consumers.

Jeers to the proposed merger between Albertsons and Kroger, which has sparked concerns about store closures, layoffs, higher food prices and “food deserts.”

These two companies already control most of the state’s grocery stores including Fred Meyer, QFC and Safeway. If the merger goes through, a single company will control nearly 20 percent of the nation’s grocery store market.

The King County Superior Court filed to block a shareholder payout of $4 billion by Albertsons, which some elected leaders say will put dozens of stores at risk of closure.

Less competition isn’t always a good thing, so let’s hope this merger doesn’t lead to fewer families being able to afford to put food on the table.

Cheers to the surprising success of the Seattle Seahawks so far this season.

The team was initially criticized for the Russell Wilson trade, but the decision looks better each week that current quarterback Geno Smith gets the job done.

Cheers to anyone who voted in the general election, regardless of how you voted. As the saying goes, democracy is not a spectator sport.

For the latest local election results (available after press time), visit

Jeers to election deniers for continuing to undermine faith in U.S. elections.

Cheers to no more political commercials on TV, especially from Senate candidates Tiffany Smiley and Patty Murray.

Cheers to the Renton Rotary’s annual Operation Warm event, which recently provided free coats to about 900 children across Renton.

All students were welcome to receive a coat, regardless of age or grade level.

Kudos to the Rotary’s volunteers for working to make Renton a better place.

Cheers to the Renton Chamber of Commerce for the behind-the-scenes role they play in your community’s success.

Like many of her peers around the region, Renton Chamber CEO Diane Dobson leads an organization that advocates on behalf of small businesses — the lifeblood of any local economy.

With a finger firmly on the local pulse, the Chamber also plays a crucial role in shaping civic dialogue, such as organizing forums with candidates for public office or co-hosting the city’s first Diwali Festival of Lights Celebration.

— By Andy Hobbs, editor