Gary N. Scofield | Obituary

Gary N. Scofield | Obituary

Gary N. Scofield passed away at home peacefully on September 3, 2022. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1955 and grew up in Washington State. Gary was a mechanic for King County Metro. Anyone who knew Gary would tell you what a hard worker he was his entire life. Gary was extremely proud of the men his sons, Jon and Josh, have become and his grandchildren, Parker and Finley, were the light of his life. His other passion was fixing everything and he was excellent at it. He kept his vehicles and home in the best condition he could. Gary was a kind and quiet man but always showed he cared in his own way. Ask anyone, if you came to his home he never wanted anyone to leave without giv- ing them something to help with or something they might have mentioned to him in passing.

Gary is survived by his wife, Melinda: his son Jon (Jessica), his son Josh (Jacquelyn) and his grandchil- dren, Parker and Finley; his sister Karen (John); his brother Doug, and many nieces and nephew’s.

He is preceded in death by his father, Donald, his mother, Marge and his older brother Steve.

A husband and father like you is rare, one that is so generous and kind. A husband and father like you is what everyone needs, always doing great deeds. Nothing can replace a husband and father like you, but when you get to heaven God will be lucky to have you too. You will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts.

Gary’s family will be having a small gathering to celebrate his life.