Renton man sentenced in burglary and felony sprees

The King County Superior Court sentenced a 30-year-old Renton man on Feb. 24 for convictions in relation to two cases involving a residential burglary in Bellevue and a string of incidents in Issaquah.

Joshua Taylor Daniels accepted two plea deals on Jan. 23 for the two cases, pleading guilty to multiple felony convictions.

Daniels pleaded guilty to a felony charge of burglary in the second-degree — reduced from a more serious charge of residential burglary as part of the plea deal — in relation to a December 2021 residential burglary, according to King County Superior Court documents.

The court sentenced Daniels to approximately two and a half years in prison for the Bellevue case conviction.

In the Bellevue case, the Bellevue Police Department dispatched to the report of a residential burglary Dec. 21, 2022, in the 17000 block of 42nd Place after the owner of a vacant home witnessed two men trespassing on his property on his Ring Camera.

According to documents, the men cut a padlock on the front entrance to access the residence and stole multiple tools from the residence and a detached garage. Police additionally located two motor vehicle prowls in the area with a credit card stolen from one of the vehicles.

Following the incident, police reviewed security footage showing an unidentified woman using the stolen credit card at Target in Renton, according to documents.

Police identified Daniels as a suspect in the burglary after locating a fingerprint matching his records at the scene.

Daniels also pleaded guilty Jan. 23 to charges in regards to a second case involving a string of incidents in Issaquah.

Daniels pleaded guilty to a felony charge of possession of a stolen vehicle and two gross misdemeanors, with prosecutors dropping multiple felony charges as part of the plea deal. The dropped charges include a second count of possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary in the second degree and possession of stolen property.

He will face an approximate one year and one month sentence for the second case, to run concurrently with the two and a half year sentence of the first case.

In Daniels’ second case, Issaquah police identified Daniels as a suspect in multiple incidents involving vehicle prowls and burglaries after locating him in possession of stolen property in a stolen vehicle. The incidents spanned from November to December 2021.

Following requests from both police departments, the King County Superior Court issued warrants for Daniels’ arrest on June 8, 2022, in relation to both the Bellevue and Issaquah cases. The Department of Corrections booked Daniels into the King County Jail on June 13.

Daniels will serve his sentences for both cases concurrently to the sentence of another separate case that resulted in three felony convictions in 2022, according to documents.

In 2022, the Jefferson County Superior Court convicted Daniels on charges in relation to another case of residential burglary, according to documents. The convictions included residential burglary, attempted residential burglary, and unlawful firearm possession in the second-degree.

The court additionally sentenced Daniels to about two and a half years of community custody following his release from prison.

The King County Superior Court also previously convicted Daniels on felony charges of residential burglary and possession of stolen property in the first degree in 2016.