Police blotter

Shoplifter tries

Shoplifter tries

to take adapter

A Seatac man was cited on May 26 for shoplifting a computer adapter from Fry’s Electronics, 800 Garden Ave. N., according to Renton police.

A store loss-prevention officer saw the suspect take the adapter from its packaging and place it into his pant pocket. The suspect was stopped after walking out the front door without paying.

The suspect told the officer that he had shoplifted three adapter cords earlier and was coming back for the adapter, according to the police report.

“I did something really stupid today,” he told the officer. He also apologized.

He had money – $51 in cash and credit cards – to pay for the adapter and cords, but he told police he was mad at the store over a rebate he didn’t get. The merchandise is valued at $34.62.

He was cited with third-degree theft and released.

Renton woman hit

with car mirror

A woman told Renton police she was struck in the back of head by a car mirror during a domestic dispute about 10:30 p.m. on May 25 in the 1500 block of Jefferson Avenue Northeast, according to Renton police.

The incident was sparked over a disagreement between the woman and her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s former girlfriend, according to police.

An upset boyfriend and the ex-girlfriend had come to the home, when the boyfriend, who lives in Seatac, slapped the girlfriend two or three times, according to police. The victim told police she was pushed out to the street and pushed against a car. She got away, but as the boyfriend drove off in his vehicle, she was hit by the mirror. Police couldn’t see any injury; the victim declined medical aid.

Renton Police asked Seatac Police to attempt to locate the boyfriend, but were unsuccessful. A citation was written for fourth-degree assault.

Shoplift attempt

of $500 in DVDs

A Renton woman was stopped in the parking lot of Target at 1215 N. Landing Way on May 27, attempting to steal about $500 worth of DVDs, according to Renton police.

Store security tapes showed she had entered the store twice, according to Renton police. At one point, a store employee found empty packaging in the women’s bathroom.

A store loss-prevention officer called 911 to report a shoplifter after the suspect had entered the store the second time. The officer had noted the suspect conceal several DVDs inside a bag or purse. She then went into the bathroom, where she remained until a police officer arrived about four minutes after being dispatched.

The officer remained in the store parking lot but was receiving updates from the loss-prevention officer inside via cell phone. A few minutes later, the security officer called the police officer to report that the suspect was leaving the store and he gave the officer a description.

The officer spotted the suspect, based on the description, a woman in her 20s, wearing an orange shirt and black pants. The officer then stopped her. She admitted to stealing the DVDs. She then removed several movie, music and game DVDs from her back pants pocket.

A search didn’t find other stolen DVDs in her car, but the suspect then told the officer she had taken those to her apartment before returning to Target.

She was booked into Renton City Jail for investigation of felony theft.

A fake license

used at Fry’s

A Burien woman was booked into Renton City Jail on May 21 for investigation of forgery after she tried to use an altered Washington state drivers license for identification while trying to buy with a check about $1,500 in computer equipment from Fry’s Electronics, 800 Garden Ave. N.

A man who lives in Covington made her the fake ID, she told Renton police, and she was also given the checkbook.

After police arrived, she told an officer that a man had driven her to Fry’s and picked out several items he wanted her to buy. He got nervous and left before officers arrived, according to police.

The suspect told police she had written several checks on an account belonging to another woman, whom she doesn’t know.