Metro shooter pleads not guilty

Faisal Guled Adan was arrested after fatally shooting 27-year-old Ahmed Mohamed Sheikah

The 21-year-old man who shot a passenger on a Metro bus entered a not guilty plea to all charges at his arraignment on Thursday, Dec. 15 at Norm Maleng Justice Center in Kent.

Faisal Guled Adan was arrested after fatally shooting 27-year-old Ahmed Mohamed Sheikah on a Metro bus on Nov 29. He was charged with one count of Murder in the second degree, one count of Assault in the second degree and one count of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the first degree. He is detained at the King County Justice Center.

According to the charging documents, Adan and the victim were on the Metro bus route 169 two weeks ago and did not know each other. Witnesses reported that the two men were talking to each other in a foreign language, however noted there was no tension between them. Adan stoop up and shot the victim four times at close range. He then walked to the front of the bus, pointed the gun at the driver and demanded he open the door, then proceeded to flee on foot.

Adan later walked out from behind a vehicle with his hands up and stated he was the one they were looking for, adding “I did it.” Police arrived soon after and detained Adan, reading him his rights.

In a recorded statement post-Miranda rights, Adan initially stated he did not know the victim, was shown a picture of himself and denied it was him and then stated “people were trying to set him up and kill him.”

He also admitted to officers that he used drugs and alcohol before getting on the bus. Police found the weapon in a nearby yard.

Adan’s bail was initially set at $5 million, but the state asked a change in the bail stats due to the nature of the crime and the list of felony convictions, including second-degree robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle and first-degree theft, as well as several juvenile convictions.

He is innocent until proven guilty.