Mayor not seeking reelection

Denis Law has served three terms as mayor.

Mayor Denis Law will not be seeking reelection this year.

On Friday, Dec. 28 Law posted on his Facebook that he has been lucky to serve Renton, but looks forward to exploring new opportunities with his wife and family, and building a home in Anacortes.

“In a few days, I will begin my 12th year as the mayor of Renton. This seems unbelievable. I can remember election night in November, 2007, when it appeared that I would win the race for this office. And just a couple weeks later, I was sitting in the mayor’s office suddenly responsible for over 700 employees, a $250 million dollar annual budget with about 56,000 citizens to serve,” Law wrote in his post.

Law went on to talk about the many changes in Renton over his years as mayor.

Law is on his third term as mayor, longer than any other Renton mayor. He previously served as a city council member.

Law’s position as mayor, as well as four council positions, will be up for election this fall.

A follow-up interview with Mayor Denis Law for the Reporter will be out next week