James Alberson announces his candidacy for Renton City Council

Editor’s note: This is a press release from the candidate’s campaign.

Long time Renton resident, James Alberson, announced today that he will again seek election to obtain a seat on the Renton City Council. As former Board Chairman of the Renton Chamber of Commerce, James has proven to be an experienced, effective, and committed leader.

In 2019, James initially sought election to the Renton City Council. Missing an election victory by an extremely slim margin, James confirmed that his message of growth, opportunity, and safety, along with a pragmatic approach to his campaign, resonated well with the Renton community. Subsequent to the 2019 election, James was approached by the City of Renton to be appointed to the Planning Commission for the city. James accepted the appointment and has served as a Commissioner since April 2020. In his role as a Commissioner, James also served on the Renton Housing Action Plan Advisory Committee to help research and recognize future opportunities and obstacles as it relates to effective housing growth and development for the city.

“Renton currently faces numerous challenges that will undoubtedly shape its future and determine the overall trajectory of its prosperity. Arguably, at no other time has there been a greater need for smart and sensible policy decisions, along with strong and resolute leadership to guide the city forward. As a Renton City Councilmember, I will work to bring forward common-sense and effective solutions to the issues we currently face. Coming out of the pandemic, it’s paramount that we make the best decisions to ensure a strong economic recovery, create an environment that brings back businesses and strong jobs, reduce crime and homelessness, increase affordable housing opportunities, and effectively address the increasing traffic and transportation issues. In doing so, we will ensure that Renton becomes a city where all feel included, are empowered by real opportunities, receive equal and fair treatment, and are proud to call the city their home.”

James is seeking to fill the council seat being vacated by long-time Councilmember, Randy Corman. In his announcement that he would not seek re-election, Councilmember Corman said “I am enthusiastically endorsing long-time Renton Chamber of Commerce Board Member James Alberson for my vacant position. In 2019, … he demonstrated excellent preparation and readiness for a council position. He will be an outstanding council member.” James is also proud to receive early endorsements from current Councilmember Ruth Perez, and former Renton City Councilmembers Don Persson and Marcie Palmer.