He thought his wife died, she was found in Covington

Missing elderly woman found in the same clothes she left in after months of being missing

After months, and Oregon man feared his wife was gone for good. But one call from a King County Sheriff’s officer led him eight hours a way to Covington to his wife.

In November, a 68-year-old female from Oregon was reported missing by her husband. She was recently diagnosed with early onset dementia. Her husband and children had looked everywhere for her and had actually started to give up hope that she was still alive. So, they began checking local morgues to see if she could be located there, according to a King County Sheriff’s Office press release.

On January 24, King County deputies were dispatched to the 17200 BLK SE Wax RD, in Covington for a female who was seen lying on the ground in front of a business.

Covington officers DeputyBailey arrived first and located the female and Deputy Hess joined him. The woman had a hard time supplying information to deputies, but after some time she was able to provide her name. A records check showed she was a missing person out of Oregon.

Bailey called the female’s husband and he initially didn’t believe that the phone call was real. Given the time she had been missing and her health issues, he had prepared for the worst possible outcome, the press release stated.

The woman was still wearing the same clothes she had on when she went missing in November. It is unknown how she made it all the way to Washington.

The woman was taken to the hospital and doctors said she had the flu, a very high fever and possible pneumonia. It was determined if she hadn’t received medical treatment when she did, it could have been far worse.

The husband drove eight-hours to pick up his wife. He expressed gratitude toward the deputies for finding his wife alive.