Fire Department issues warning about private inspection company

Department does not sponsor any private businesses, despite their claims

The Renton Regional Fire Authority is warning residents that individuals approaching homes offering a free fire inspection are not being sponsored by Renton Fire, as they are claiming.

According to a press release, the RRFA has received multiple inquiries from residents and businesses about being approached by a private company offering inspections. The company is reportedly telling homeowners that they are being sponsored by Renton Fire.

That is false. Renton Fire does not sponsor any private business.

“We do not sponsor businesses or have anyone do inspections on our bealf,” said Renton Fire Marshal Anjela St. John., adding that it was “concerning” that someone would try to use their name.

According to the release, any inspections requested by homes or businesses are conducted by department employees, not private contractors. Fire Department employees wear uniforms at all times and have employee identification.

The Fire Department is advising residents to be aware of who you allowing access to you home.

According to St. John, this scam is affecting other lcoal cities like Kent and Maple Valley. Investigators are looking into the cases.