Dog quarantined after attacking woman and her cat | BLOTTER

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department incident reports.

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department incident reports.

Police officers were contacted Dec. 9 by a man who witnessed his neighbor and her cat being attacked by a dog.

According to the witness, he saw a woman walking the dog with a leash draped around her neck. The dog then jumped on a cat and pinned it on the ground while the woman watched and did nothing. The cat got away and the woman put the leash on the dog. Soon after, she removed the leash.

The dog captured and pinned the cat again. Seeing this, the cat’s owner intervened. The woman took the cat and wrestled it away from the dog. The dog jumped up and pulled the cat and its owner to the ground. The woman was reportedly pulled to the ground multiple times before she caught a hold of her cat.

The woman who was walking the dog was reportedly watching the incident and did little to assist. She then left the area.

When an officer arrived on scene, he was flagged down by an unknown person who said that the woman and her dog could be found in a particular apartment unit.

The officer knocked on the door of the apartment unit and a woman yelled she was in the shower. Five minutes later, the officer knocked again, and a woman answered the door. The officer asked her about the attack and she said she did not have a dog.

The officer said he was told she was seen coming into the apartment with a dog, she replied her parents owned a black dog that was on the porch. After further questioning, she said she took the dog for a walk off leash and she ran home to get her dog away from the incident.

The woman was reportedly wearing a red sweatshirt at the time of the incident, but wore a gray sweatshirt during the questioning. The officer asked to see the red sweatshirt. She brought it out and the officer noted there were blood stains on both arms. The woman also had a band aid on her finger.

The dog was quarantined for 10 days. The officer noted the dog was not aggressive toward him and that it had blood stains on his chest and head.

The cat’s owner had a puncture mark on her nose and the cat had blood on its fur. The cat was taken to Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital and the woman was taken to Valley Medical Center for treatment.

A REMORSEFUL THIEF: A loss prevention officer contacted the police Dec. 10 to report a man was using a knife to steal merchandise.

The suspect reportedly had two additional knives with him.

Officers arrived on scene and located the man in the store. One officer approached the man with a Taser and told him to put his hands on his head. The suspect complied. Another officer than placed him in handcuffs and removed his knives and blade.

The suspect was reportedly “very honest” with the officer and confessed all the items he had taken. He said he didn’t have a job and had no money.

He also said he steals items to resell them on the street and uses the money to pay for food and other items. According to the police report, the suspect was crying as he talked to the officers.

He was charged with third-degree malicious mischief.

STOLEN CASH: A Safeway store manager contacted police to report a theft Dec. 8.

According to the manager, the suspect had taken nearly $200 from the cash drawer. Nobody had seen it happen and the manager was unsure of the details.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage and saw a man taking the cash and walking out of the store around 1:36 a.m.

Officers were unable to positively identify the man due the low quality of the footage.

CAR BREAK IN: A woman reported her car was broken into Dec. 7.

She said it was parked oustide an apartment complex located on Bremerton Avenue Northeast on Dec. 6 around 11 p.m. When she went to the car the next day around 10 a.m., she saw the rear passenger side mirror was smashed, which is estimated to be around $400. She said the suspect attempted to break the front window but was unsuccessful.

Her backpack along with work uniforms were reported missing.

There is no further suspect information at this time.