Agencies extinguish brush fire in east Renton

Southwest of the Maplewood Golf Course, the brush fire took firefighters more than three hours to contain.

As summer heat and Washington’s wildfire season progresses, east Renton had its own brush with a familiar fire.

On July 17, 20 different apparatuses from seven different fire agencies throughout South King County worked to put out a brush fire that had taken over a small area of Renton.

Dispatch for the fire began at 6:05 p.m. Firefighters were called to a steep area below the powerlines close to Royal Hills Drive Southeast and southwest of the Maplewood Golf Course

Firefighters from Renton Regional Fire, Puget Sound Regional Fire, Valley Regional Fire, South King Fire and Rescue, Eastside Fire and Rescue, KC Medic One and Skyway Fire were called in to deal with the 3-alarm brush fire.

“Every year, this location is susceptible to serious brush fires due to the heavy fuels of grass and brush that are located on the plateau, with multiple neighborhoods aligning this area,” said Sara Morris of the Renton Regional Fire Authority. “Everything in our region is really dry, and you add wind to the equation and this can result in a fast-moving brush fire.”

By 9:30 p.m., the fire had been contained enough for most of the units to leave, though an overnight crew stayed onsite to put out any hot spots. The exact cause of the fire has been undetermined.

“This particular area is always a very resource-intensive response due to the structures and high-tension power lines which always hampers large water operations,” said Morris.