Orbi Ball Reviews – Is ORBI Flying Boomerang Orb Real or Fake Hype?

The young tech-savvy generation in the 21st century has intensively optimized digital gaming. As a result, most young people are spending endless hours on smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. Exposure to blue light can easily lead to macular degeneration and vision issues. In addition, failure to engage in physical activities and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to adverse health implications.

The developer of Orbi Ball has introduced a novel toy suitable for kids and adults to indulge in physical play in the most intriguing way. According to the developer, the Orbi Boomerang Ball can be used for indoor and outdoor games. This review has more on Orbi Ball.

What Is Orbi Ball?

Orbi Ball is handheld electric flying and flashing boomerang orb. According to the developer, the 26g trendy toy is slightly larger than a baseball. It has colorful LED lights that illuminate the space when the orb is flying. The revolutionary toy has a robust design that can withstand drops and bumps and a fast micro USB charging system.

The orb boomerang ball is motion-activated with drone technology, and it easily floats, glides, and soars into space with an impressive flying spinner action up to 100 feet high. The developer of the innovative toy claims that it’s meant to keep kids and adults from electronic devices and enable them to engage in physical play.

How Orbi Ball Works

According to the creator, the boomerang flying orb is simple to operate. It has a motion-activated mechanism that showcases irresistible stunts and tricks and it’s accompanied by a simplified manual for consumers. In addition, the Orbi Ball makes omnidirectional movements and can soar, float or glide in space.

Once it’s turned on, the user can shake and toss it to trigger motion. By throwing it, it follows the trajectory and then back to the direction of the user like a boomerang. It also produces a spectacular vibratory sound and colorful LED illumination. Consumers can place their hands underneath to defy gravity and watch it spin, toss it straight into space, or use specialized wands to control it to land on a magnetic base. It has multiple tricks, and it’s held upright to enhance the flight mechanism.

Orbi Ball Key Features

Some of the features outlined by the developer include:

Fast-Charging Micro USB: Its package has a fast-charging USB cable to enable consumers to engage in endless fun. According to the developer, it takes 25 minutes for the Orbi Ball to charge fully.

Flying Spinner Action: Orbi Ball can soar 100 feet high, and the fidget spinner enables the illumination to appear in endless stunts and tricks.

Lightweight and Portable Design: The trendy toy is easy to carry around, being slightly larger than a baseball and with 26g. The handheld orb can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Drop-Resistant and Durable Design: The Boomerang Orbi Ball is designed with an indestructible design, and despite the numerous bumps, drops, and knocks, its texture can withstand hard surfaces. The exterior is tough to withstand any drop and enhances longevity.

Colorful LED Lights: The developer has incorporated bright flashing lights on the flying ball to illuminate space and ensure endless possibilities.

Motion-Activated: It has a built-in motor that utilizes drone technology to enable it to soar, glide and float in space. The futuristic drone technology enables consumers to experience a remarkable flying spinner action.

Easy to Use: Unlike a gaming console that requires some skills, the Orbi Ball requires consumers to turn it on, shake it and toss it around to experience the magical stunts and tricks.

Safe for Play: The recreational toy is safe for kids since it has no rough texture. It enables consumers to keep off their electronic devices and engage in physical play.


Orbi Ball Discounted Prices

Consumers can order the electric flashing and flying boomerang orb from the official website and save up to 50% of the regular price. Here are discounted prices as outlined on the website:

  • 1× Orbi Ball is selling at $49.99 from a regular price of $79.98, saving consumers 37% of the regular cost + $8.95 shipping fee.
  • 2× Orbi Balls are selling at a 37% discount, each costing $49.99, a total of 99.98 from a regular cost of $159.96 + $8.95 shipping fee.
  • 3× Orbi Balls are retailing at $38.33 each, a total of $114.98, from a regular price of $239.94, providing consumers a discount of 52% + $8.95 shipping fee.
  • 4× Orbi Balls are available at $34.99 each, a total of $139.96, from a regular price of $319.92, which is 56% off the regular price + $8.95 shipping fee.

Consumers are provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the boomerang orb has to be returned with its original packaging and unused. The refund is less than the shipping handling fee.

Shipping takes 10-15 business days, but international shipment has a lead time of 25 business days. In addition, consumers are liable for customs fees imposed on goods by their states.

Final Verdict

Gaming has multifold benefits, including enhancing cognitive abilities and stimulating creativity, visual memory, and focus. However, the digital era has predisposed people to endless exposure to blue light, that’s detrimental to eye health.

The developer of Orbi Ball claims that it’s meant to keep people off electronic gadgets. The boomerang flying and flashing orb have colorful LED lights, and it recharges fast. As a result, consumers can indulge in indoor and outdoor activities with trendy toys. With a flying spinner and built-in drone technology, the orb can soar up to 100 feet high and illuminate space. Consumers can get discounted prices once they order the product from the official website.



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