Horizon Neo ANC Earbuds Review – Legit Brand or Cheap Wireless Headphones?


A pair of earbuds known as the Horizon Neo ANC can connect through Bluetooth to any device, providing noise cancellation and lengthy battery life for users to utilize for any activity they want. These earphones are equipped with smart touch technology, making them easy to use and waterproof.

What is the Horizon NEO ANC?

It is not challenging to locate the headphone and earphone combination that is ideal for physical activity. Working exercises can be distracting and inhibit performance. In addition, they leave little room for customization. Regular earbuds can be useful, but most people require some degree of app customization.

All of these requirements ensure your ears are covered by Horizon’s recently released NEO ANC earbuds simultaneously. The one-of-a-kind device incorporates cutting-edge technology that improves sound quality, lessens background noise, and enables smart-touch control for any commands. These earbuds, which have a long battery life, are designed to withstand any amount of time that the user may want to spend working out, competing, or participating in any other type of athletic activity.

The designers of these earbuds use a technology known as active noise cancellation, which replicates the sound wave produced in the user’s ear to eliminate any external noises that may be present. This allows the earbuds to produce the high-quality sound that customers desire. The user would need to be in an environment with a steady, low-level noise to see the most striking manifestation of this noise cancellation feature.

Pros and Cons of the Horizon NEO ANC


  • The audio is quite detailed.
  • Unmistakable calls
  • Uninterrupted connectivity
  • A cost that is not prohibitive


  • Plain design
  • Weak noise cancellation

What Makes the Horizon NEO ANC Unique?

Horizon Neo ANC is incredibly convenient and simple to operate. It simplifies the touch operation by doing away with the complicated, gentle touch. It can be used with various earbuds to cut a song, answer a call, as well as adjust the volume and perform other functions.

In addition, it efficiently reduces the loud, low-frequency noise, which enables you to take pleasure in the peace, escape the commotion around you, and lose yourself in your favorite songs and video games.

These True Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones are selling out everywhere you look. Get it while it’s still available!

As a result of the Horizon Neo ANC’s ability to physically block out these low-frequency disturbances, employing an active noise canceling system will significantly improve the quality of the sound produced by your music.

  • IPX5 Waterproofing and Anti-Perspiration Coatings
  • The Most Recent Bluetooth Connectivity Version 5.2
  • ANC/ENC Noise Reduction
  • Premium Built-In Material
  • Sound of the Highest Quality
  • Lengthened Time Between Battery Charges
  • Modifications to Transparency
  • A Perfectly Transparent Callable
  • The Intuitive Touch

They have made it so that you will always be able to experience the highest quality sound regardless of where you go. Horizon Neo ANC will bring a dynamic and powerful audio experience to your day, along with excellent audio experience. You will be able to devote your attention to the music you love thanks to the enhanced audio and noise-canceling technology of the Horizon Neo ANC.

In addition, the Horizon Neo ANC achieves a depth noise reduction of 38 decibels, like music to the soul’s ear. Utilizes a technology known as active noise reduction, which monitors the surrounding environment and background noise level within the ear canal. This allows for a maximum noise reduction effect reaching 38 decibels, providing a pure listening experience.

It is customized to fit your ears better than any other pair of earbuds available on the market. The Horizon Neo ANC is water-resistant and sweatproof, which prevents sweat from damaging the watch’s components.

Support for an IPX5 level of dust proofing and waterproofing, the ability to easily resist the invasion of rain and sweat, and the desire to only sweat while listening to music without fear of sweating.

However, if your headphones have Horizon Neo ANC, you can talk and listen without removing them. Without removing your earbuds, you can clearly hear the sounds around you. It is practical, and it is risk-free.

How much does it cost to get Horizon Neo ANC?

When you consider everything the Horizon Neo ANC has to offer, a price tag of up to $200 is manageable when you see it, which would still put it below most of its rivals (some of which cost over $400).

Because of this, we were taken aback when we saw that the company sells these earphones for only $59.95 (due to a promotion of 50% that will soon expire).


What is not included in the scope of the warranty?

The warranty does not cover malfunctions when the earbuds are completely submerged in liquid. Earbuds will no longer be covered under the warranty if they are misplaced, stolen, or broken after falling from a height of more than two meters.

How long does an order processing take?

Even with the quickest shipping options, the makers typically process orders within three business days of the order being placed. There will be no orders shipped the same day they are placed, but users will receive an email notifying them when their order has been shipped.

What does a waterproof rating of IP55 mean?

The manufacturers of these earbuds offer a guarantee to customers that they will receive a full refund if their order has yet to be fulfilled within forty-five days.

How much does it cost to ship and how does delivery take?

The delivery time will vary depending on the recipient’s location, but shipping the package to the United States or Canada is $8.99. Customers in the United States will have to wait anywhere from three to seven days for their orders, while those in Canada may have to wait anywhere from five to ten days.

What are the guidelines for making returns?

There is a 30-day refund policy that applies to all purchases; however, the earbuds cannot have been used in any way for the return to be processed. Send an email to support@horizonneo.com or call 202-697-9152 to speak with a customer service representative about getting additional assistance.

Final Thoughts

The Horizon ANC is a pair of earbuds that come at a price comparable to other market options. Unfortunately, the ANC is not stronger, but, the design is lightweight and comfortable, the audio is detailed, and calls come through loud and clear.



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