Physiotherapy: not just for back pain

Therapists in Renton and Redmond take personalized approach to get you moving again

You might not readily think of a physiotherapist for help with an autoimmune condition or to improve your breathing, but local professionals are proving the practise isn’t just for back pain, tendinitis and sprains.

In fact, the issues a physiotherapist can treat are many and varied – as are the types of treatments available to get you back to health.

Beyond soft-tissue injury, they also commonly treat osteopathic, visceral and neurological dysfunctions ranging from pain from dental hardware​, to autoimmune disorders to scoliosis, notes therapist Neal O’Neal, owner of Pursuit Physical Therapy in Renton and Redmond.

“One of our therapists, Lisa DeVlieg, has a program of Schroth-based scoliosis training for kids,” O’Neal says. “It provides a growing child with daily stretches and exercises to help keep the condition in check as they develop.”

The professionals at Pursuit PT take an innovative approach to treatment, applying an understanding of the interaction between structure and function.

While traditional therapies treat a narrow view of a patients problem, they look to the multi-layered aspects of human function, to determine the most complete approach to treatment.

“For instance when someone says ‘It hurts when I run,’ the answer is usually ‘Just quit running’,” O’Neal says. “We don’t say ‘No’ – we get to the root of the problem and get you back to living your life and doing the things you want to do.”

Other conditions treated include pelvic floor dysfunction, pre- and post-operation treatments, and diaphragm and breathing training.

“We teach 10 to 15 different manual physiotherapy courses a year,” O’Neal says. “Examples include how to improve movement of the chest after COVID, enabling you to breathe more effectively and bring down inflammation in your chest.”

The practitioners at Pursuit PT are licensed physical therapists trained in such treatments as myofascial and active release techniques, joint mobilization, and arterial or vascular treatment technique.

“Many times when a patient first comes to us, they say ‘I’ve already been to physiotherapy,’ and don’t expect anything much as far as positive results,” O’Neal says. “We’re different in that we focus highly on the manual therapies and getting to the sources of your pain. We make sure you spend your time here working with your therapist, and not with an aid.”

At Pursuit PT they understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to physical therapy. Whether it’s returning to exercise, overcoming vertigo, or recovering from an injury, their physical therapists are there to help.

“We base our treatment on your goals,” O’Neal says. “Each person is unique, and our treatments will be unique to you.

“We feel you should keep doing what you love. We’re here to get you back to living your life!”

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