Get Your Sparkle On and Discover Your Best Self

At Sparkle Gifts and Whatnots in Renton, the answer is simple: Sometimes it is what we survive that gives us our shine.” And, after slowly emerging from behind the pandemic curtain, we can use all the shine we can get.

“Life is not just about surviving. It is about thriving,” says Richelle Haas, owner of Sparkle Gifts and Whatnots in Renton. “It is about overcoming struggle and finding a soft place to land.”

Indeed, Richelle offers a delightful haven where visitors can browse her store, grab sparkling water from the fridge that is always stocked, and enjoy friendly, engaging conversation. Walking through the doors of the shop feels like coming home.

“Five years ago, I found myself in a life-changing situation. I was no longer a stay-home mom, and my story took a major plot twist,” says Richelle. She wanted to offer the people of Renton a place to escape where they could find their sparkle. In 2017, Haas stood tall, dusted herself off, and opened Sparkle Gifts & Whatnots.

Walking through the doors of Sparkle Gifts and Whatnots feels like coming home – just the way Richelle Haas envisioned it.

Walking through the doors of Sparkle Gifts and Whatnots feels like coming home – just the way Richelle Haas envisioned it.

“I put everything I had into the store and then, like everyone else, struggled through the pandemic,” Richelle says. Because her business was still considered new, she didn’t qualify for grants and subsidies to help her through the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. After she decided to sell her home to keep the business viable for post-pandemic, she knew she was all in, and it wasn’t just about the next chapter in her life but about a passion for people and giving back to her community.

“When people come into my store, I want them to leave happier than when they entered,” says Richelle. “It’s a place they can come and exhale for a little bit.”

Sparkle Gifts and Whatnots is a local boutique with whatnots and specialty gifts. Located in the heart of Downtown Renton, Sparkle carries a wide variety of gifts, including curated items from local artists and businesses, Seahawks gear, holiday decor, inspirational wall art and always unique whatnots.

Richelle’s entrepreneurship and personal journey are entwined, and the journey is long and winding, full of unforgettable experiences, growth, and transformation. She would like to share her experiences with her customers – whether through her boutique, hand-crafted gifts for loved ones, trading stories with you about becoming your highest, best version of yourself, or supporting each other in this community during challenging times.

You can find Richelle sparkling in her store, usually on time, singing throughout the day, and always building people up. She lives in the Renton community and wants to partner with you to build and improve it one day at a time. Be part of her journey and put a little sparkle in your life.

Stop by Sparkle Gifts & Whatnots at 824 South 3rd St. in Renton, call 206-779-8194 or visit sparklerenton.com

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