RHS alum returns to school for a stroll down memory lane

Almost 82 years have passed since alumni Louise George, class of 1936, had stepped foot back into Renton High School.

On Feb. 12, George entered Renton High School for a tour of the building and grounds. However, little did she realize that while she was getting a physical tour of the building, she bestowed an even greater honor for the current RHS students present as she narrated a stroll down memory lane with stories of her days.

She faintly recalled her days as a Renton Indian herself. She remembered walking to school at 8 in the morning, starting class at 8:30, and going home by 4 in the afternoon.

“Renton was very different back then; it was a small town and quite poor. There wasn’t a lot of students and not many went to college,” noted George.

While meandering the halls of the school building during the tour, she continued to weave together tales of her life for the RHS students.

She went to a business college following graduation, taking jobs all over the United States. When World War II began, George decided she wanted to assist in the war effort by joining the Marine Corps.

“The Marine Corps, at the time, had not accepted any women. So, what I did was I waited until they felt were ready,” George explained.

One of her favorite memories to this day from her time at Renton High School includes her graduation. George recalls being very nervous because she had been placed in the front row for seating.

Another memory that she holds dear is at the 50-year high school reunion where was one man in her class was sitting alone, and she asked him to sit with her for the night. The next day, he had written a letter thanking her for including him in the festivities.

Louise George is a proud alumni of Renton High School, and even still to this day, represents the school’s motto of Pride, Tradition, and Excellence. The gift of her presence in the school’s halls once again served as a special honor just short of a month before her birthday, which takes place on March 9 when she will turn 100.