Review the Dark Horizons: Prepared to Thrive Book (The Final Collapse)

The thing about apocalypses is that even though we know they are coming our way, there seems to be no way to prevent them. Any good Christian who has read the bible knows that all we can do in such cases is endure the pain and attempt to survive until the end.

However, the discourse of survival does not need to be as hard as it is marketed to be. Sure, natural disasters like floods can make it seem impossible to survive – but guides like Dark Horizons can help you stick to a fruitful journey to make it to the end safely.

According to Dark Horizon reviews, thousands of Christians have already invested in this eBook because they know that the big apocalypse is coming. They loved the strategies outlined in this book, as they believe that they are indeed the best ways of guarding their loved ones from any potentially dangerous situations.

If you want to save yourself and your family from the terrors of the big apocalypse coming your way, you are at the right place. In this article, we will carry out an in-depth review of Dark Horizons and see what makes this book special. Let us begin by checking out its brief overview:

Book name:

Dark Horizons

Book category:


Book form:

eBook (PDF)

What is Dark Horizons?

Dark Horizons is a biblical guidebook that can help you shield yourself and your loved ones from any dangers during even the worst natural disasters.

Created by:

David Regan


$37 (Official Website)

Free bonuses:

  • eBook of 30-Day Emergency Planbook
  • eBook of Survival Mindset

Best features:

  • Affordable
  • Several positive reviews
  • Practical and resourceful
  • Can help readers avoid common mistakes that one makes while being stuck in dangerous situations


60-day money-back guarantee

What Features Make Dark Horizons Such A Great Book?

The various Dark Horizons reviews report that this book has several unique features that make it one of the best guidebooks of all time, especially for god-fearing Christians. Here is a list of its top features for your reference:

Implementable Strategies To Survive

According to the bible, there will come a time when the evil will attempt to overtake the good – and that will cause the entire world to flip upside down. As we have seen several worldwide issues such as the outbreak of the coronavirus and the rising tension between different countries unfolding drastically today, this time seems to be closer than one might want to think.

Hence, Dark Horizons contains some effective implementable strategies that can help you and your loved ones make it safely through natural disasters and other kinds of dangerous situations.

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Helps Readers Understand Everything They Need To Avoid

No matter how much one is prepared to face evil, things are bound to go wrong when he or she enters a state of panic. This may cause people to try everything out – even the strategies that will hamper their overall chances of surviving through an apocalypse.

However, the Dark Horizons reviews state that this book has helped thousands of Christians understand everything they need to avoid to increase their chances of survival.

Teaches Tips And Tricks To Store Food And Water Efficiently

A lot of people believe that one of the best ways of making it safely through any catastrophic event such as floods is storing a decent amount of food and water supply in their house. However, what they don’t take into account is that such disasters can ruin these supplies if they don’t store them efficiently.

This is why Dark Horizons has several strategies to help people understand the importance of effective storage and how one can safeguard their food and water supply from getting damaged in disastrous situations.

Gives A Must-Have List To Readers

Another reason behind the thousands of positive Dark Horizons reviews is that it gives a comprehensive must-have list to its readers. You will come across various essential items that must be around you to increase your chances of survival while reading this book.

These items will be responsible for helping you maintain your safety as well, as several Dark Horizons reviews report that people have found these must-have items to be particularly useful in keeping thieves and robbers from breaking into their homes during chaotic times.

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Analyzing The Pros And Cons Of Dark Horizons: Is This Book Worth Investing In?

The Dark Horizons reviews are mostly positive and this book has great ratings online – but what makes it a worthy investment? Why should or should not a Christian buy this book? Answering these questions requires one to go through its pros and cons, so let us walk you through them below:

Pros Of Dark Horizons

The various perks of reading this book, according to most of the Dark Horizons reviews, are as follows:

  • It is a comprehensive guide that can teach you practical tips to survive dangerous situations efficiently
  • Cost-effective
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free bonuses

Cons Of Dark Horizons

Some Dark Horizons reviews shed light on the negative aspects of this book as well, which are as follows:

  • Although Dark Horizons has been published by The Final Collapse, its official website does not talk much about its authors

What Do The Users Have To Say About The Guide?

Anna says, “As a devout Christian, I was skeptical about how an eBook could truly prepare me for apocalyptic scenarios. Dark Horizons, however, exceeded my expectations. The implementable strategies outlined in this guide are not only practical but align perfectly with biblical teachings.

The emphasis on enduring tough times and protecting loved ones resonated deeply with me. The book’s affordability is a bonus, and the free bonuses, especially the 30-Day Emergency Planbook, provide actionable plans for unexpected situations.”

Cassie writes, “Dark Horizons has become an essential part of my library as a Christian. David Regan’s creation goes beyond the usual survival guides by integrating biblical principles into practical survival strategies. The must-have list and tips for efficient food and water storage are invaluable.

I appreciate the straightforward language and the emphasis on avoiding panic-induced mistakes. While the book may lack detailed information about the authors on the official website, its content speaks volumes.”

Bianca shares her experience with the guide, “Being a non-believer, I approached Dark Horizons with curiosity about its practicality. Surprisingly, the guide offers valuable insights and strategies applicable to anyone preparing for emergencies.

The emphasis on a survival mindset, along with the well-thought-out 30-Day Emergency Planbook, provides universal value. The cost-effective nature of the eBook makes it accessible to a broader audience.

While some may find the religious undertones less relevant, the practical wisdom and cost-effectiveness make Dark Horizons a worthwhile addition to any survivalist’s toolkit.”

Liam says, “Dark Horizons, authored by David Regan, is not just a survival guide; it’s a spiritual investment for Christians. The implementable strategies, coupled with the biblical perspective, create a unique approach to survival preparedness.

The additional bonus eBooks provide practical insights for enhancing security and sanitation.”

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Who Wrote Dark Horizons, And What Was His Purpose?

Dark Horizons was written by David Regan, who happens to be a man of god. He collaborated with his friend, Gabriel, to write this book to help Christians all over the world survive the potential apocalypses that may be coming our way.

His purpose is simple – he wants to provide all the god-fearing men and women with a handbook that can help them understand everything there is to know about surviving dangerous situations.

He strongly believes that there is a reason why the entire world is facing so many drastic changes and international issues all at once – and he wants to save his Christian brothers and sisters from the chaos that might unfold once a potential apocalypse unfolds.

What Is The Pricing Structure Of Dark Horizons?

Since David wanted everyone to have easy access to Dark Horizons, he decided to sell this book at an affordable rate of $37. This pricing structure comes down even lower if you include the two free eBooks that come along with each order of this book, which is why a lot of Dark Horizons reviews call it an affordable yet fruitful investment.

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An Insight Into What You’ll Learn Through The Dark Horizons Guide

Dark Horizons is more than just a survival guide; it’s a comprehensive handbook that equips you with actionable strategies to navigate unexpected situations, protect your family during unrest, and ensure your well-being in times of societal collapse. Here’s a detailed look at what you’ll learn from Dark Horizons:

The “Beginning of Sorrows”: Understand why the advent of ChatGPT in November 2022, a seemingly innocent event, is considered the trigger for entering the prophesied “Beginning of Sorrows” as foretold in the Bible. Recognize the early warning signs and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Covid’s Prepping Lessons: Explore on page 36 how the Covid pandemic inadvertently trained the world to become smarter preppers. Learn how to implement lessons from the Covid era to enhance your preparedness for future unforeseen events.

Survival Necessities List: Acquire a precise list of tools, materials, food supplies, and essential items your family needs to survive upcoming catastrophes. Dark Horizons provides a detailed guide to keeping your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy in unexpected emergencies.

Living Without a Power Grid: Understand the necessity of preparing to live without a working power grid for 5 to 10 years due to AI-induced collapses. Dark Horizons provides insights into securing food, heat, and shelter in the absence of a functional power grid.

Deciding to Stay or Go: On page 44, discover how to evaluate whether your home is a suitable survival shelter or if it’s time to bug out. Dark Horizons guides you on making the crucial decision of when to stay and fortify or when to leave.

Fortifying Your Home: Explore strategies on page 46 to fortify your home, turning it into a safe survival retreat. Dark Horizons explains steps to safeguard your home against intruders effectively.

Water Myths Debunked: Challenge the notion of needing a gallon of water per day. On page 49, Dark Horizons clarifies the actual water requirements and provides insights on securing a reliable water supply.

Efficient Water Harvesting: Learn, on page 51, practical methods to harvest more water than you could ever need, even for a large family. Dark Horizons details strategies for water collection, purification, and safe consumption.

Survival Strategies Beyond Hunter-Gathering: Dispel the myth of reverting to “hunter-gatherer” roots for survival. Dark Horizons advises against this approach, emphasizing alternative strategies for securing food post-crisis.

Truth About First Aid: Gain clarity on first aid supplies. Dark Horizons exposes the reality of first aid kits, ensuring you understand and utilize them effectively during emergencies.

Securing Entry Points: Beyond the front door, Dark Horizons provides proven tips on fortifying windows, back doors, garage doors, and other entry points, keeping unwanted intruders out.

Long-Lasting Food Stockpiling: Dark Horizons shares insights on ensuring your food stockpile lasts 20 years or more without spoilage.

Paramedic-Grade First Aid: Discover how to assemble a superior first aid kit on a budget. Dark Horizons provides a guide to creating a paramedic-grade first aid kit for optimal emergency response.

Building a Post-Apocalyptic Township: Transition from survival to thriving by acquiring skills to rebuild society. Dark Horizons introduces the essential skills needed to create a flourishing township in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

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What Makes Dark Horizon A Risk-Free Investment?

Since the bible has predicted numerous catastrophic events accurately, David is sure of the fact that another one is heading our way and we need to be prepared. However, if for any reason you do not like Dark Horizons, you can simply return it and claim a refund to get your money back according to its 60-day satisfaction guarantee policy.

All you have to do is send an email and explain your situation – and as long as you have filed for the refund within the time window of 2 months, your request will be approved.

What Bonus Products Can You Expect After Ordering Dark Horizons?

A major aspect that makes Dark Horizons such a value-for-money investment is that it comes with two free bonus eBooks to help you improve your survival strategy as much as possible. They are listed as follows:

Freebie #1: 30-Day Emergency Planbook

While preparing to face natural disasters and other kinds of dangerous events beforehand might help, it is normal to go blank once one starts to experience it. Hence, this eBook can help you have an emergency handbook with a clear 30-day plan to help you survive for a month without facing any issues.

Freebie #2: Survival Mindset

One indeed needs food and water to survive – but nothing is of any use if he or she does not have a strong mind. Making it through tough situations like natural disasters requires a survival mindset, which is exactly what this eBook aims to help you achieve.

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Who Can Benefit From Reading Dark Horizons, And Who Should Skip Buying It?

According to the various Dark Horizons reviews, god-fearing Christians have loved investing in it. They don’t simply look at it as another guide or digital product but as a compilation of the best survival strategies that can help them get through some of the toughest situations of their lives.

Hence, we recommend all Christians give this eBook a try at least once. Further, all investments are protected under the 60-day satisfaction guarantee policy of this book. Hence, there is no scope of getting scammed in this case – which is why anyone can buy it.

While even non-believers have found Dark Horizons to be a helpful addition to their library because of its useful strategies and tips, it may not be the best investment for you in case you are not a Christian and you don’t believe in the bible.

Final Verdict: Should Devout Christians Buy Dark Horizons?

Since a vast majority of Dark Horizons reviews are full of satisfied Christians, we would say that this section of society seems to have indeed benefited from reading this book. It has particularly been applauded for its comprehensive nature through which it conveys even the most important pieces of information effectively.

Further, readers are also allowed to access 4 additional bonuses at a minimal cost of $9.99 each. This add-on feature has helped Christians learn the various ways through which they can upgrade aspects like security and sanitation of their house even during the worst times. Hence, we believe that devout Christians can consider investing in this book without a second thought!

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