Carolyn Ossorio

Time to stop blaming the cat for gardening probems | LIFE IN THE CITY

I think I’m a lot like other people when it comes to gardening: I see beautiful gardens producing tons of organic food alongside flowers and trees that work together to support attracting birds and bees in a harmonious, non-toxic relationship, but I don’t know how to get there! I don’t have the experience.

No Ms. Pacman, but a discussion about downtown with the mayor anyway | LIFE IN THE CITY

"As a Renton resident who yearns for a cool downtown to take my family, I’m tired of what appears to be a disconnect between the City and residents about how to go about creating a vibrant and bustling downtown."

Club Teasdale helps make a ‘hyperlocal’ difference at park

Columnist Carolyn Ossorio tours a new afterschool program in the Talbot Hill neighborhood.

A ‘Heaven Sent’ addition to the Thanksgiving pie table | LIFE IN THE CITY

I was at Heaven Sent to try the famous chicken for the first time and also to learn how to make sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving for my family.

October means a visit from the ghosts of Halloween past | LIFE IN THE CITY

When I was a kid Halloween was the only thing that made then end of summer and going back to school tolerable.

REACH Center a nice option when life gets to ‘DEFCON One’ | LIFE IN THE CITY

My kids and I were at Renton City Hall to tour the REACH Center of Hope, a day shelter in Renton that also provides hot showers, food, vocational and professional services and a loving supportive community.

Hitting their Stride(line): Entrepreneurs encourage kids | LIFE IN THE CITY

Jake and Riley were born in the same local hospital on the same day. They lived on the same block their whole lives and went to the same schools in the Issaquah School district. They’ve been best friends their whole lives and since they were little they’ve been passionate about starting a business together.

The buzz is all about local honey | LIFE IN THE CITY

I’m a sucker for those big Mason jars with homespun labels at farmers markets that say Blackberry or Wildflower honey...

Me: The story I didn’t expect to write (or: Baby makes five) | LIFE IN THE CITY

It’s actually ironic because if someone would have told me I was going to have five children, I wouldn’t have believed them. When I was a kid, I never even babysat!

Yes, Patrick, I see you! | Carolyn Ossorio

“Come on Patrick!” Coach Bobby’s voice booms across Kinder Swimmer’s Renton Highlands pool. “One arm! Two arm! Eyes and bubbles.” Bobby continues on with Patrick’s weekly swim lesson.

There’s a place for art in all Renton elementary schools | LIFE IN THE CITY

Art’s effect on kids cannot be measured in widgets and quantitative data.

Here’s the place to dip into for seafood | Carolyn Ossorio

Yet there I was, the kids and I had barely gotten into the car and already the bagel chips had been yanked open and the Gemini Fish Market crab dip was being passed around as we sat in front of Top of the Hill Market.

CAROLYN OSSORIO: Tracking fabled rumors at Renton Airport

Columnist Carolyn Ossorio explores rumors at the Renton Airport.

CAROLYN OSSORIO: Community use for 24-acre property

Columnist explores potential uses and history of the Cleveland property, farmland just off Talbot Road.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of Grandma Edna | Carolyn Ossorio

Looking back there were other gifts that in retrospect didn’t cost a dime but were treasured, like visits with Grandma during the holidays with our cousins.

No movie will help you prepare for what’s behind these walls | Carolyn Ossorio

Perched on its own road surrounded by a fully fenced 11 acres of what was formerly the southern end of Longacres I found The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The Fed bought the land from Boeing in 2008 and built a new high-tech facility (which from the distance resembles a college campus) that opened in 2011.

Where’s Armondo? No, he’s not lying in a ditch somewhere | Carolyn Ossorio

Renton Hill boasts a phenomenal view of Renton, Lake Washington and all the way to downtown Seattle. On these Renton Hill walks I always had a babe on my back or in a stroller (or both). It was a time for me to enjoy the varying seasons, the incredible view and ponder the universe, all the while keeping an eye out for a pesky forest-green Audi.

This sets apart a FilmFrenzy director: Ready, set, action!

Welcome to a day in the life of the Renton FilmFrenzy. Saturday, the films were shot; on Oct. 23 everyone will find out who won a Curvee Award

Renton’s Swiss Family Browne | Carolyn Ossorio

When I was a kid, my sister and I loved making forts and designing elaborate sketches for our summer plans of living in a tree house on a wild and deserted island.

Renton shop happy delusions to close doors

Owner, Mary Clymer, will close the doors of her trendy crafts and art shop and look to a new direction, even if it takes her outside of Renton.