Carolyn Ossorio

Following the bird dance to Renton | PIPPIMAMMA

Carolyn Ossiorio chats with Michael Christ, CEO of SECO Development.


Summer grillin’ couldn’t be easier with right cut of meat | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

Carolyn Ossorio got some"meaty" tips from Ted Coffman of Shawn and Ted's Quality Meat Market in the Highlands about summer grilling.


Pippi Mamma’s Fish & Chips recipe | VIDEO

Here's how to make your own plate of Fish & Chips for St. Paddy's Day.


Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with homemade fish and chips | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

A bad night out reminds our columnist that's she's got a great recipe of her own.

A Valentine’s Day brunch from Peyrassol you can make at home | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

Just finding Peyrassol, wedged beneath the Bristol apartments along an inlet road, seems like a secret, unexpected port near the shores of Lake Washington.

Fire up your New Year’s with Honey Bourbon Chicken | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, I thought it would be fun to invite over a pro to learn how to cook a tasty New Year’s Eve finger food and an inspired cocktail with flare.

A new recipe from the Old World for this holiday season | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

When I had the opportunity to learn how to make Helga’s homemade, old-fashioned Apfelstrudel that’s rolled up and filled with tart Granny Smith apples, I was like, “Ja!”

It’s not Halloween without homemade caramel apples (with recipe) | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

"For me, Halloween ain’t Halloween without that caramel apple, (not the weird looking bright red one, it’s all about the creamy, dreamy camel-brown soft one)."

There’s a burger for every addict at this classically trained chef’s ‘house’ | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

"I love a good hole-in-the-wall as much as the next person. Burger Addict, sandwiched between a biker bar and an old-school convenience store in a crusty corner off of Maple Valley Highway feels more like the punch line of a bad joke than the new “house” of a classically French- trained executive chef like Marcus Olson."

Ditch the diet and focus on a ‘healthy eating life plan’ this fall | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

Diet to me usually means you have to give up eating the foods that made you squishy to begin with. Which is why I prefer to call what I’ve been doing for the past four months my “healthy eating life plan.”

Pippimamma’s Applesauce Recipe

Want to make homemade apple sauce like columnist Carolyn Ossorio? Here ya go.

RECIPE: Pippimamma’s Honeyed Raspberry Banana Jam

Did Carolyn's recipe sound delicious? Try it out and tell us what you think!

We’re jammin’ and we hope like jammin’ too | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

For me, there is a deep sense of personal fulfillment in having access to a bountiful local harvest at the peak of its freshness and preserving it for another day.

A new summer option bubbles up for this coffee drinker | HOT FROM THE OVEN

"It was a hot day and as I looked from my watery-looking iced Americano to Sophie’s beaming face, I realized I was in a bit of a rut when it came to summer drinks."

Old favorites done in a unique way at Vino | HOT FROM THE OVEN

Sharing a familiar moment with new friends at a new place: A favorite song rendered in a way that was both unique and deliciously sweet. Like the food.

Chef J goes from downtown Renton to the Big Leagues | HOT FROM THE OVEN!

In addition to being the official caterers of the Renton Pavilion Event Center, Rain City has catering jobs all over the Pacific Northwest. But perhaps most famously there is the Mariners. During the season, Chef Jeremy preps the food in Renton and then drives it all down to Safeco Field.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No? How about a snack anyway? | PIPPIMAMA: HOT FROM THE OVEN!

"On a recent morning I was tying one on at The Berliner Gastropub (my Pippimamma apron that is) and continuing a heated conversation with the husband and wife dynamic duo of Dennis and Lydia Mascarinas, proprietors of the Berliner Pub in Downtown Renton."

Cooking up life lessons with an Iron Chef | Pippimamma! Hot from the Oven!

"The goal of this new column is to meet really cool people around Renton and share a story while sharing a meal."

Following her unconventional muse, ‘Pippimamma’ columnist says goodbye | LIFE IN THE CITY

"To adults, Pippimamma appears ill-mannered because she isn’t conventional and speaks her mind. But the truth is that Pippi Longstocking has a heart of gold on her quest for creative adventure."

Virtual baby shower another example of community pulling together | LIFE IN THE CITY

So this story, like my notes, turned out to be a collection of people doing good for others in our community.