Andy Pohl

Before becoming an adult I wish I knew…

… how to find an apartment | How To Adult


Post-election thank yous | JERRY CORNFIELD

With Thanksgiving upon us and the election behind us, a look at who should be thankful for what.


Renton man charged with drive-by shooting in Bellevue

A 22-year-old Renton man has been charged with a drive-by shooting in the Phantom Lake neighborhood earlier this month. Jose Alfredo Del Rio Flores is… Continue reading


Tough road to understanding our own bias | GUEST COMMENTARY

“The cure for the Dunning-Kruger Effect is humility – to know that you do not know.”

Walking in the shoes of an immigrant | OUR CORNER

Editor’s note: This column reflects the opinion of the columnist and does not represent a political position or endorsement taken by The Reporter or Sound… Continue reading

Super PAC pulls cash out from governor’s race

Why did Our Washington send $360,000 to New Direction PAC instead of supporting Inslee’s race?