Jami Smith ‘right person’ for Renton City Council | LETTER

Jami has the rare combination of high-level business experience, political savvy, a brilliant mind, and a heart for community.

As a resident and member of the Renton City Council, I believe I have a good, working knowledge of my city and what is best for the future of Renton. At the very least, I have strong opinions on where I would like to see the city in the next 10 or 20 years. I wanted to let you know that it’s my love and dedication to my city that has caused me to support and endorse Jami Smith for Renton City Council.

The first time I met Jami I was impressed by how strategic of a thinker she is. She is an exceptionally qualified, experienced and brilliant business woman, organizer and project manager. But her gifted mind doesn’t stop her from being down-to-earth and open to everyone. As I have grown to know her better, I am continually amazed to see just how approachable she is when she meets people. When you meet Jami you come away liking her and feeling good about yourself. In short, you come away a fan.

Her strategic thinking mixed with her accessibility makes her a perfect candidate for the city council. As chair of the council’s planning and development committee I’ve had the opportunity to watch Jami in her role as a planning commissioner. Again, let me say, she’s smart. She asks the right questions and she listens. When she returns, she has answers and her answers work.

Jami has the rare combination of high-level business experience, political savvy, a brilliant mind, and a heart for community. I have worked for my city for years. I have worked closely with other cities and other parts of the Washington government and in all that time, I have rarely met a person better qualified to serve the public. Simply put, she is the right person for council. I am asking for residents to vote for Jami in the Aug. 1 primary.

Ed Prince

City of Renton

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