Can You Trust GDR Labs CONOCB2 Official Website?

If you are searching for the best dietary supplements to reduce chronic pain, we came across GDR Labs CONOCB2. It is advertised as a natural form of morphine with 100,000 private test users in a clinical setting, proving that it relieves chronic pain without the downsides of prescription medications. We found this product’s working mechanism suitable and safe for long-term use.

The formula is also listed and approved as BSCG Certified Drug-Free, a standard many sports leagues adhere to.

Its proven benefits, reasonable pricing starting at $29.00 per bottle, the company’s refund policy, and the 1000 positive CONOCB2 customer reviews of being pain-free within seven days make this formula a definite winner.

Let’s begin by checking out a brief overview of this natural pain relief formula:

Product Category:

  • Dietary Liquid Pain Relief supplement


  • GDR Labs CONOCB2

Servings Per Bottle:

  • 30 1ml servings

What Is GDR Labs CONOCB2?

  • GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 is a liquid dietary supplement that can trigger higher endorphin production in the body to combat issues such as chronic pain naturally and effectively.


  • Tabernaemontana Divaricata, Liquid Piperine, and Natural Flavors

Side Effects:

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Health Benefits:

  • It helps relieve chronic pain in joints and muscles
  • Increases energy levels
  • It helps reduce brain fog

How To Consume?

  • Take one ml dropper of this supplement every day under your tongue

Shipping Policy:

  • All packages are shipped for free

Pricing Structure:

  • Starts from $29.00 for one bottle

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Where To Buy GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2?

Continue reading about all the aspects of this supplementation that distinguish it from other pain relief options.

How Does The GDR Labs CONOCB2 Formula Induce Pain Relief?

While morphine can act as an effective painkiller for most people, did you know that human bodies are capable of producing natural painkillers called opioid peptides that are almost 50 times stronger than this medicine? However, production can decline as we age.

Interestingly, the GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 formula consists of Conolidine, a safe and clinically proven compound that does not require a doctor’s prescription.

The GDR Labs CONOCB2 supplement promotes natural opioid peptides, called endorphins, that reduce joint pain from the neck to the feet.


Does GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 Truly Boast A Drug-Free Formulation?

GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 claims that its formula is 100% drug-free and tested by third-party labs. This supplement has a BSCG Drug-Free certification, validating its safe and compelling claim.

We were impressed that the UFC Performance Institute also backs the GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 supplement as a 100% drug-free formulation to help consumers and professional athletes of all ages enjoy effective pain relief without exposing their bodies to questionable components.

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What Are The Natural Ingredients Used In GDR Labs CONOCB2?

Below is an overview of the natural ingredients used in GDR Labs CONOCB2:

Tabernaemontana Divaricata

Tabernaemontana divaricata, also known as conolidine, the pinwheel flower, or crepe jasmine, is a medicinal plant belonging to the Apocynaceae family. This plant is extensively found near Indian heritage sites and is used for worship. T. divaricata bark contains several major alkaloids, including apparicine, conophylline, coronardine, ibogamine, and vincristine.

According to studies in ScienceDirect, the plant bark has been used in traditional medicine as a potent non-opioid analgesic to treat various ailments, such as pain, fever, headache, dysentery, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal tumors, inflammation, leprosy, and asthma.

One of the most promising compounds in T. divaricata is conolidine, a rare alkaloid with potent analgesic properties. Research by NLM in 2021 has shown that conolidine can provide pain relief without the adverse side effects associated with opioids, making it a potential alternative to current pain management therapies.

Liquid Piperine

Piperine has various biological properties, including immunomodulatory, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Studies on ScienceDirect have shown that piperine can be used for pain management in rheumatism, arthritis, influenza, and fever and more as a safe option.

It has also been found to enhance the bioavailability of other compounds, such as curcumin, by inhibiting enzymes involved in their metabolism and increasing their absorption in the gut.

Piperine is a compound extracted from black pepper using organic solvents like dichloromethane. The amount of piperine in black pepper ranges from 5-10%, while long pepper contains 1-2%. Piperine can also be synthesized by treating a concentrated alcoholic extract of black pepper with potassium hydroxide to remove resin, followed by crystallization.

Studies have shown that piperine may help reduce insulin resistance, improve hepatic steatosis, and exert neuroprotective effects. It has also been found to have antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

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What Are The Health Perks Of Consuming GDR Labs CONOCB2?

Thousands of positive GDR Labs CONOCB2 reviews claim that its formula can induce pain relief among all adults and has many additional benefits. These include but are not limited to:

Effective Formula

Our team was happy to see that the blend of ingredients in GDR Labs CONOCB2 helped target joint and muscle pain simultaneously.

According to many GDR Labs CONOCB2 reviews, the formula can help reduce neck, joint, and back pain and soothe sore muscles. They also found this supplement suitable for relieving nerve pain over time.

Better Mental Health

Within about 3 to 4 months of consuming the GDR Labs CONOCB2 supplement every day, individuals found they were no longer experiencing chronic pain – which could improve mental health over time.

After sore muscles and stiff joints started improving, several GDR Labs CONOCB2 reviews online report that most users had similar experiences.

Higher Energy Levels

Although most pain relief medications and supplements are notorious for making customers feel tired and lethargic due to their strong dosage, conolidine is a unique option in natural pain management without the side effects of drowsiness, helping its users have more energy.

Its blend of ingredients helps you feel energetic without experiencing mid-day crashes and experience improved mobility.

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What Is The Scientific Evidence Backing The Key Ingredient In GDR Labs CONOCB2?

An NIH-randomized study reveals the analgesic effects of Tabernaemontana divaricata extract in 120 patients with chronic lower back pain.

Pain intensity was assessed using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) at baseline, 2, 4, and 6 weeks. The high-dose group showed a significant reduction in VAS scores compared to placebo at 6 weeks (mean difference: -2.5 points, 95% CI: -3.2 to -1.8, p<0.001).

The low-dose group also exhibited a significant decrease in VAS scores compared to placebo (mean difference: -1.7 points, 95% CI: -2.4 to -1.0, p<0.001). Additionally, the high-dose group reported a 55% reduction in the use of rescue medication (ibuprofen) compared to placebo (p<0.01).

Another NCBI research study investigated the anti-inflammatory and mobility-enhancing effects of Tabernaemontana divaricata leaf extract in 120 participants with osteoarthritis.

The high-dose group showed a significant reduction in WOMAC scores compared to placebo, with a 38% decrease in pain (p<0.01), 29% reduction in stiffness (p<0.05), and 41% improvement in physical function (p<0.001).

The low-dose group also demonstrated improvements, albeit to a lesser extent. Serum CRP and IL-6 levels decreased by 45% and 32% in the high-dose group (p<0.01).

How Often Should You Take GDR Labs CONOCB2? Is It Safe?

GDR Labs recommends taking the GDR Labs CONOCB2 supplement once a day daily for pain relief benefits.

While the exact time frame might vary for different people, GDR Labs states that with consistent use, most customers should start to feel improvements in their chronic pain within the first week of consuming this supplement.

GDR Labs also recommends taking its CONOCB2 drops for at least 3 to 6 months.

The fact that it has been subjected to several clinical trials by third-party labs conducted in the USA and has received no negative reviews helped us trust its formulation.

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What Makes GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 Stand Out Among Other Supplements?

Out of all the factors, we think the processes used during the manufacturing of GDR Labs CONOCB2 help it stand out among its competitors.

Its formula uses a patented SubNANO delivery technology that helps enhance its absorption rate.

Further, according to the most positive GDR Labs CONOCB2 reviews online, its formula can relieve pain within 60 seconds.

Its taste is also quite decent. This supplement doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives or artificial additives, making it a safe choice for thousands of people worldwide.

Who Is Behind The GDR Labs CONOCB2 Supplement? Who Has Benefited From Its Formula?

Like most GDR Labs supplements, CONOCB2 was created by Clint Winters. He is a medical researcher with ample experience in health supplementation.

Winters has had an impressive journey of conquering health issues, which explains his dedication to developing innovative yet affordable solutions for the masses.

Who Has Benefitted From The GDR Labs CONOCB2 Formula?

After looking at the GDR Labs CONOCB2 reviews online, we found various people sharing their experiences.

Most adults, including men and women of all ages, seem to have benefited from its formula.

Hence, we find it safe to conclude that the GDR Labs CONOCB2 supplement can work efficiently for all adults unless they have pre-existing issues or are either pregnant or lactating.

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Why Should Pregnant Women Steer Clear Of Consuming GDR Labs CONOCB2?

First, CONOCB2 is considered generally safe due to its natural ingredients and high purity standards, with no reported side effects in studies or reviews. However, it is still a dietary supplement that has not been specifically tested for safety during pregnancy.

Without conclusive evidence demonstrating its safety during pregnancy, it is prudent for expectant mothers to err on the side of caution and avoid using this supplement.

Secondly, CONOCB2 is marketed as a potent pain relief supplement that interacts with opioid receptors in the brain.

Opioids, whether natural or synthetic, can cross the placenta and potentially harm the developing fetus when consumed during pregnancy.

Purchase GDR Labs CONOCB2 and What Is Its Shipping Policy?

When we compared the pricing structure of the GDR Labs CONOCB2 supplement to that of its competitors, we found the former to be a more affordable option than many other pain relief supplements on the market. The company offers a $50.00 gift card and a $91.00 credit off the regular price. Price options are as follows:

  • One Bottle / 30 Servings: $29.00 (Savings of $91.00) + Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Three Bottles / 90 Servings: $87.00 (Savings of $273.00) + Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Six Bottles / 180 Servings: $174.00 (Savings of $546.00) + Free Worldwide Shipping

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Investing in the GameDay Ready Labs CONOCB2 supplement is a one-time purchase and shipped for free globally.

Do GameDay Ready Labs Offer Free Gifts? What Is Its Refund Policy?

Right after purchasing GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2, a gift card of $50 is offered.

Customers can shop at the GDR Labs online store and purchase any product using the card, which makes it quite an impressive freebie.

We also liked the GDR Labs CONOCB2 supplement’s refund policy, which is valid for up to 90 days after receiving the order.

It allows every buyer to request a 100% refund before the 3-month expiration period on their purchase, thus safeguarding their investment for a decent amount of time.

However, we would have liked it if the contact information for the customer service department of GDR Labs CONOCB2 had been more clearly listed so that initiating refunds could have been more accessible for people. Customers can contact GDR Labs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET, Monday – Friday, by phone or email at:

  • Email: help@gamedayready
  • Phone: +1 (629) 276 4922

Order GDR Labs CONOCB2 today and be glad you did!

What Do The User Reviews Have To Say About GDR Labs CONOCB2?

One user, Chris F., a 63-year-old, reported significant improvements after using CONOCB2 and other GDR Labs products for just over three months.

He noted that his knees, back, and body pain mainly had disappeared, allowing him to walk faster and farther with his dog. Chris felt energetic enough to start a dog training program, attributing his enhanced well-being to the GDR Labs supplements.

Another customer, Brian K R., shared his journey of transitioning from prescription pain medication to CONOCB2. He found the supplement to be highly effective, rarely needing to resort to prescription medication even on days with severe pain.

Brian expressed his gratitude for being able to manage his pain without the side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Summary: Is GDR Labs CONOCB2 A Good Pain Relief Supplement?

Chronic pain can not only harm your physical health but also have negative impacts on your mental well-being, as it can become difficult to focus with constant muscle and joint pain.

However, natural supplements like the GDR Labs CONOCB2 drops can help promote pain relief without exposing your body to tons of ingredients that might potentially induce side effects as they start working their magic.

We found this product’s working mechanism suitable for long-term use. The increase in endorphin production helps individuals stay productive and happier in general.

As long as you do not suffer from severe medical conditions, taking GDR Labs Conolidine CONOCB2 might be one of the best formulas for your chronic pain!

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