Toasty Heater Reviews – Stay Far Away Scam or Legit Portable Electric Heater? (2024)

A portable space heating option, the Toasty Heater is made to give cozy warmth to every area of your home or office. The Toasty Heater is offered as a portable electrical wall heater. The Toasty Heater’s purpose is to provide practical and steady warmth. These personal heaters are an excellent option for cold areas, including your living room, workplace, bedroom, or any place in the home that needs warmth in winter.

How Does the Toasty Heater Function?

According to the official Toasty Heater website, the Toasty Heater uses a ceramic heating element with a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) that makes it work quickly and very efficiently. There has been a long history of ceramic heating components for heating applications. While the idea of ceramic heating tech being used in personal heaters is not new, the Toasty Heater’s small size gives users a practical means to get additional heat without the extra bulk. The Toasty Heater operates as follows:

Effective Ceramic Heating Element: The Toasty Heater’s efficiency is mainly attributed to its ceramic heating technology. When compared to conventional metal-based heaters, this device has several benefits. The ceramic element uses less electricity and warms up rapidly.

Quick Heating: Ceramics react to temperature fluctuations faster than metal heating sources. This implies that the Toasty Heater can generate heat quickly and effectively, guaranteeing that your room will warm up immediately after switching it on.

No Waiting Time: The ceramic heating component in the Toasty Heater eliminates the need for prolonged wait to produce rapid heat, in contrast to conventional heaters, which could take some time to get the appropriate temperature. Warmth can be felt by users nearly immediately.

Adjustable Settings: This Toasty Heater allows consumers to choose their settings and adjust the heat output to their comfort zones.

Perfect for Small Spaces: The Toasty Heater is intended for less spacious areas. You can ensure that everybody in the family gets their desired temperature using this portable space heater. This may result in energy savings as there is no longer a desire to turn up the primary heater’s thermostat.

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Essential Aspects of the Toasty Heater

The Toasty Heater is a fantastic choice for heating a personal space because of its many noteworthy characteristics. These qualities make the Toasty Heater desirable for people seeking a quiet, functional, affordable personal space heating option. Numerous attributes of the small space heater that improve its efficiency and reliability are built into the Toasty Heater. The following features set this space heating system apart:

  • Thermal Ceramic Technology
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • It has an Inbuilt Safety Control.
  • Various Heating Modes
  • Integrated Timer
  • Easy to Employ
  • LED Screen that’s easy to read
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Quiet Function
  • Reasonably priced
  • Guarantee for Users

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How to Use the Toasty Heater


The Toasty Heater is easy to set up and operate. Installing and using this portable space heater should take at least one minute. The setup and operation of a Toasty Heater merely takes a few easy steps as described below:

  • Read the manual for the Toasty Heater
  • Plug the Toasty Heater into an electrical wall outlet and press the ON/OFF button to activate the heater.
  • The Toasty Heater then starts heating as soon as the user sees the LED light on the top of the space heater
  • The Toasty Heater has a temperature-regulating button to set the preferred room temperature.
  • Users can also set the timer for the Toasty Heater to turn off automatically.

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Purchase the Toasty Heater

Each Toasty Heater costs $49.95, but you will receive further savings if you purchase the Toasty Heater in bulk. The summary of the pricing is provided below:

  • One Toasty Heater for $49.95.
  • Two Toasty Heaters for $94.90.
  • Three Toasty Heaters for $137.88.
  • Four Toasty Heaters for $179.84.
  • Five Toasty Heaters for $199.80.

To purchase additional toasty heaters for resale, contact customer service, and they will create a special-order billing with savings for buyers.

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FAQs Toasty Heater

Q. What is the weight of the Toasty Heater?

A. The weight of the Toasty Heater is around 1.5 pounds. It is quite lightweight and simple to move from one room to another.

Q. Is it safe to keep the Toasty Heater running all night?

A. It can be quite safe to leave the space heater on without supervision, even while sleeping. The heater includes a changeable thermostat, a stop timer, an anti-tip, and an automated shut-off.

Q. Does the toasty heater have a remote control?

A. Yes, the Heater offers a remote control and can be purchased on the checkout page for $5.99.

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30 Days Cash Back Assurance on Toasty Heaters

For complete information on the return procedure and money-back assurance, visit the company’s web page. Toasty Heaters offers a fantastic 30-day cash-back promise to ensure customer satisfaction. If they’re not completely happy, buyers get a month after receiving the heater to return the item for a full reimbursement. Remember that the product can be returned in its original package to qualify for reimbursement. To begin the return process or for anything else, use the contact info below to get in touch with Toasty Heaters:

  • Address: Toasty’s Heaters, P.O. Box 19237, Akron, OH 44310, U.S.
  • Phone Number: 817-406-6734
  • Email Address: support@toastyheater.com

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Final Remarks

Selecting the right heater is the only reliable method to receive the heat you require on chilly days without raising your energy costs. A quick and affordable method to add warmth to any living space or work setting is with a Toasty Heater.

The Toasty Heater’s capacity to replenish the home’s heat will help alleviate the high energy costs typical in the winter. Another essential factor to consider is how personal space heaters operate and where they should be placed safely. Go through the user handbook carefully and familiarize yourself with its safety instructions.

With a 4.87 rating out of 5 stars from over 100,000 customers in the United States, consumers have enjoyed this portable space heater.

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