Lindbergh football catches fire and wins second straight

After winning on the final play a week prior, the Eagles won a no-drama contest aganst Evergreen.

Lindbergh High School’s football team silenced the Evergreen Wolverines with their play on the field as the Eagles put the game out of hand quickly, winning 47-6 on Sept. 29 at Renton Memorial Stadium.

“We did a really really good job of playing team football and playing complementary football for the first time in a while… I think today we put it together. So, very proud of the way the kids played,” said Head Coach Derrick Holt.

This season, the Eagles have a 3-2 record through five weeks of the season. The Eagles’ two losses are to both Renton and Hazen.

Their previous game was against Interlake, which Lindbergh won 15-10 on a walk-off touchdown.

“We’ve always been an explosive offense, but sometimes you don’t pack the dynamite. Today, definitely we got it, we unlocked it … I think we left a lot of points off the board last week, but I think our offense came and showed today that’s not who we are,” said Holt.

Malike Gilbert breaks a tackle against Evergreen. Ben Ray / The Reporter

Malike Gilbert breaks a tackle against Evergreen. Ben Ray / The Reporter

Over their last two matchups, Lindbergh put up 104 points against the Wolverines against just 26 points by Evergreen.

“We came in ready to handle business and you know ‘get em out.’ We executed on all cylinders and in all three phases,” Malik Gilbert said.

A big part of that success comes from the Gilbert brothers: “If you come to a Lindbergh game you might hear Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert all the way down. It’s very fun, they’re all dynamic players, explosive players. We’re lucky to have them as part of our program,” said Holt.

“They are first guys in, last guys out. They take care of business,” he added.

Malik, Abdul and this year Eden are all rostered and get playing time with the Eagles. Malik and Abdul had a field day against the Wolverines, combining for five touchdowns: “It’s a lot of fun. They gotta worry about all of us,” Malik Gilbert said.

Dayday Henderson wags his finger in celebration after a sack. Ben Ray / The Reporter

Dayday Henderson wags his finger in celebration after a sack. Ben Ray / The Reporter

In the first quarter, Lindbergh went down the field and got on the board first on a 14-yard touchdown throw and catch from Malik Gilbert to Tyson Glenn-Thomas.

Abdul Gilbert got the second score for the Eagles on a 38-yard rush. He was largely untouched on his way to the endzone and showed his quickness.

Dayday Henderson was a force on defense, immediately following the touchdown on offense. He snatched the ball out of the Evergreen ball carrier’s hands and ran it 30 yards into the endzone. He paired this with another touchdown as time expired in the first half. Henderson also totaled two sacks for the Eagles.

“He is a guy that if you’re not scheming for him, you’re making a mistake. He’s going to make you pay,” Holt said.

All three scores in the second half were all Gilberts’. Malik got two on the ground and Abdul closed the game with a 15-yard rush for a score.

There was never any doubt about this win for the Eagles. The lone Evergreen score came in the second quarter with 1:37 remaining, bringing the score to 20-6. From that point forward, Lindbergh scored 27 consecutive points.

The defense showed out for the birds.

“They played very, very well. Defensive Coordinator Matt Leamer does a great job of preparing us… Our defensive line played a great game today they were making plays. As far as I am concerned they showed what they are capable of,” Holt said.

At different points in the game, the two sides got a little chippy. Players weren’t to the point of pushing and shoving, but there were multiple personal fouls, and chirps sent back and forth. There was also a sportsmanship meeting called by the officials.

“Honestly I was a little disappointed with how we reacted some of the times. That doesn’t mean I don’t want our kids to play with emotion and play fiery. We want our kids to play mentally strong,” Holt said.

Every game is important for the Eagles from here on out — and they know the importance of every game.

“With the loss to Renton we put ourselves behind… Every week is our Super Bowl. We gotta go out there and win every week. If we don’t go 1-0 every week, there’s no chance,” said Holt.

His players echo the same message, ironing out the details that can take this team a long way.

“We gotta execute, especially on offense. Our offense hasn’t been executing as we should lately. On defense we just have to step up more,” said Malik Gilbert.

The Eagles go out and take on Sammamish on Oct. 6 on the road at Sammamish High School.