Sonuvita Reviews – Supplement That Works or Fake Pills with Side Effects?

Hearing problems are rampant across people of all ages. Some experts claim escalation in pollutants and nutrient deficiency are the leading cause of auditory problems. However, new research suggests that a particular dormant virus in the human body is the culprit behind most hearing issues.

Varicella-zoster is a virus entering the human body after a chickenpox attack. A few decades ago, the disease was fatal to patients. Unfortunately, even after getting the precise vaccine, the virus stays within the body, waiting for the correct chance to wreck health problems.

Deficiency in certain nutrients, pollution, inflammations, and low immunity can awaken the varicella-zoster virus, making it attack the nerves in various body parts. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, the dormant virus causes 100% hearing loss, tinnitus, and mental problems.

Sonuvita is a revolutionary dietary formulation targeting the root of hearing problems. It provides the auditory canal with the correct nutrients to restore hearing and combat tinnitus. Below is a Sonuvita review explaining how the supplement works, its ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, and pricing.

About Sonuvita

Using natural ingredients, Sonuvita is an innovative dietary supplement designed to improve the auditory canal and immune system. The creator, Dr. Thomas Hernett, claims it uses a unique approach to combat hearing and tinnitus problems from the source. It nourishes the body with quality research-based nutrients to fight the varicella-zoster virus, enhance nerve health, and fortify immunity.

According to the Sonuvita maker, the supplement is easy to use and free from harmful ingredients. It is manufactured in the US using natural and pure components from reputable sources. The supplement is perfect for anyone with partial hearing loss or other problems in the auditory canal.

You can acquire Sonuvita supplements only via the official website. The manufacturer offers discounts and other offers for bulk orders. The company takes a few days to deliver Sonuvita in the US.

How Does Sonuvita Work?

Sonuvita formulator argues the supplement uses a unique approach to improve hearing and overall auditory health. The formulation can restore 20/20 hearing regardless of your age. Users must use the ear health supplement consistently to get the desired results.

Step One: Nourish the Auditory System

Sonuvita treats the varicella-zoster virus, which lays dormant in areas of the body, waiting for the opportune time to attack. The chickenpox virus attacks the immune system and increases unhealthy inflammation. It inflames the nerves connecting the ear to the brain, causing miscommunication. Sonuvita is rich in immune boosters that battle the varicella-zoster virus, thus eliminating unwanted inflammation.

Step Two: Eliminate Varicella Zoster Virus

It can take a few days or weeks for Sonuvita to combat the varicella Zoster virus. Customers may experience better hearing abilities and improved sleep. Sonuvita improves cellular health, augmenting overall mental health. It can protect the users from memory issues and chronic cognitive fatigue.

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Step Three: Repair and Shield the Body

Consumers must use Sonuvita for at least three months to amplify their immune system. The supplement encourages natural healing and repair of damaged nerves and cells in the auditory canal. It flushes out unwanted toxins and promotes healthy blood flow in the ear. In addition, Sonuvita strengthens the disease-fighting mechanism, diminishing the chances of developing unhealthy inflammation.

Step Four: Strengthen Overall Health

Continuous usage of Sonuvita for over three months can boost your physical and mental wellness. It soothes the nerves, reduces anxiety, and rejuvenates overall health. Sonuvita users may experience better moods and energy levels without changing their routine or nutrition.

Sonuvita calms the varicella-zoster virus and amplifies the immune system. It eliminates inflammation in the nerves, calms moods, and manages stress levels. Using the ear support formulation as suggested can improve physical and brain health.

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Sonuvita Ingredients

Sonuvita ingredients are gained from clean sources and backed by various research. The blend of ear health nutrients restores hearing and enhances overall health. Below is a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of each active Sonuvita in fixing ear issues.

Rhodiola Rosea

Sonuvita maker cites various studies proving that the ingredient can improve ear health. A publication in the Journal of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicates that Rhodiola is a powerful antioxidant that can benefit the auditory system. It works by eliminating the oxidative stress in the inner areas of the ear, including the cochlea. In research, the mice exposed to noise-induced hearing issues experienced remarkable improvement in hearing after using Rhodiola Rosea.

Other clinical research suggests that Rhodiola Rosea works with other Sonuvita ingredients to prevent or diminish age-related decline in hearing capabilities. It battles oxidative stress, improves cellular health, and normalizes the functioning of the auditory canal.

Rhodiola Rosea can also benefit cognitive health. The herb is traditionally used to calm moods, support sleep, and prevent symptoms of depression. Sonuvita’s creator argues it can enhance mental performance and reduce age-related memory problems.


The native North American herb is common in modern and traditional medicine. Skullcap has blue or purple flowers and is commonly used to brew herbal tonics for better physical and mental health.

Sonuvita maker argues it has antioxidant properties and can protect delicate cells in the eras from varicella zoster virus. It lowers the free radicals, lessening unhealthy auditory nerve inflammations. Additionally, the skullcap can regulate nutrient and oxygen uptake in the inner parts of the ear. It protects and strengthens the delicate arteries and capillaries in the ears, augmenting blood circulation.

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Baicalein is a unique component proven to improve ear and brain health. According to the Sonuvita maker, it primarily protects the inner part of the ear responsible for balance. It also enhances the fluid in the auditory channel, encouraging healthy signal transmission between the brain and ears.

In a clinical investigation, baicalein was found effective in augmenting brain health in mice. It boosts learning abilities and spatial memory in mice. Scientists state that baicalein impedes oxidative stress and inflammation, thus augmenting the immune system. Sonuvita maker states baicalein works with other nutrients to restore the cochlear functions and battle varicella-zoster virus.

Griffonia Simplicifolia

Griffonia Simplicifolia promotes healthy ear blood flow, thus augmenting cochlear functions. It encourages nutrients and oxygen uptake, improving the health of the ear cells and neurons.

Studies indicate that Griffonia is rich in 56-HTP molecules and can, therefore, regulate moods. It encourages the secretion of serotonin, augments moods, and prevents oxidative stress. The happiness or mood hormone can also improve blood circulation in the brain and ears. Serotonin binds to receptors on the blood vessel, promoting vasodilation and blood flow.


Theanine can lower stress levels. The amino acid encourages relaxation and alleviates stress. It may improve cochlear functions and immune response.

A 2007 study on humans shows that Theanine increases the alpha brainwave’s activities, boosting mental alertness and relaxation. The amino acid may also expand metabolic rates, energy levels, sleep, and learning.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna can encourage healthy mods and relaxation. It regulates the production of dopamine, thus boosting various cognitive abilities. The neurotransmitter can promote blood flow in the ear. Also, mucuna pruriens supports healthy inflammations and can battle oxidative stress.

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Pros and Cons of Sonuvita Hearing Support Supplement


  • Sonuvita is a non-invasive and affordable solution to hearing issues
  • All ingredients in the era support formula are 100% natural
  • Sonuvita can purportedly fix partial and complete hearing
  • It can amplify the immune system by over 300%, hence preventing the varicella-zoster virus from attacking the body
  • Sonuvita is simple to use and free from side effects
  • Sonuvita is formulated by an audiologist and manufactured in an FDA-certified and GMP-approved facility.


  • Sonuvita is only for adults
  • The ear support formula is unsuitable for people with existing medical issues or anyone pregnant and nursing.
  • The results of using Sonuvita varies
  • You can buy Sonuvita only through the official website

Sonuvita Benefits

  • It can improve and restore hearing in adults
  • Sonuvita claims to boost cochlear functions and battling tinnitus
  • It can combat inflamed nerves and oxidative stress
  • Sonuvita is rich in nootropic ingredients designed to mend cognitive health
  • It can lower stress
  • Sonuvita strengthens the immune response, naturally allowing your body to fight varicella-zoster virus and other pathogens.


You can buy Sonuvita only through the official website. There are three package options available to cater to your needs and budget. All Sonuvita purchases are eligible for a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • One Bottle (30-Day Supply): $69 + Shipping Fee
  • Three Bottles (90-Day Supply): $59.00 per bottle + Free Shipping ($177.00 Total)
  • Six Bottles (180-Day Supply): $49.00 per bottle + Free Shipping ($294.00 Total)

If you are unsatisfied with Sonuvita within 60 days of the shipping date, fill out and return the refund form that came with your order. Questions about the product can be directed to Sonuvita customer service:

  • support@sonuvita.us


Sonuvita is marketed as a game-changer ear health support supplement. It contains multiple science-approved ingredients to manage hearing issues from the source. The creator claims using Sonuvita can “progress your communication skills and help you enjoy your favorite music.”

The formulation battles varicella-zoster virus and other pathogens, causing inflammation of the cochlear nerves and nerves. You can buy the Sonuvita ear support formula through the official website at discounted rates.


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