Nooro Foot Massager Reviews – Is It Worth Buying or Scam?

An individual’s feet and legs are the most critical body parts to support your body weight. In a day, an individual walks approximately 3000 to 4000 steps or 2 miles daily. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that about two-thirds of the world’s population have pain issues in their feet and legs. Many people suffer from numbness, foot pain, neuropathy, and burning sensations, making walking a highly painful adventure. These aspects have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life.

When one’s mobility is affected, it becomes hard to perform simple tasks and enjoyment of life is constantly interrupted by pains. People mostly resort to orthopedic shoes and customized insoles to deal with foot issues and neuropathy to reduce pressure on swollen and painful legs. However, these measures are costly and do not address foot pain’s primary cause.

Fortunately, there is a solution to many painful foot health issues. The Nooro Foot Massager has been expertly designed to relieve individuals from chronic foot pain, ease discomfort, and improve leg health in only 30 days. Read along to learn more about this breakthrough technology designed to fix painful issues in the feet.

What is the Nooro Foot Massager?

The Nooro Foot Massager is a portable, state-of-the-art foot massager that utilizes electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to relieve muscle fatigue and tension. The foot massage also aids blood circulation, enabling the entire body to relax and reduce fatigue and overall stress. The FDA approves the device as a multipurpose foot massager, which transmits electrical pulses via the feet and legs to enhance circulation and arouse muscle activity. The EMS pulse technology uses low electric frequency to relax the feet and legs, lessen muscle stiffness, and reduce inflammation.

Nooro Foot Massager is fitted with neuromuscular electrical stimulation innovation to effectively treat foot pain issues such as numbness, swollen feet, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is a patented technology that deals with the primary causes of foot health issues. The technology sends specified electric impulses into the inner tissues of the foot. This promptly improves blood circulation, revitalizing the weak parts of the foot and enhancing the flow of revitalizing nutrients.

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Core Features of Nooro Foot Massager

The Nooro Foot Massager is fitted with specific features as provided below for effective functionality.

Pre-Programmed Settings

Nooro Foot Massager pre-programmed settings are designed using approved clinical parameters. The clinical-based settings are augmented to offer effective relief for foot-related health issues like foot pain, plantar fasciitis, swollen legs, and neuropathy. The foot massager’s settings ensure that the electric impulses provided maximize therapeutic benefits.

Comes with a Foldable EMS Foot Pad

The Nooro Foot Massage is fitted with a foldable foot pad, making the device fully portable and easily storable. This makes the device ideal for all living places like homes, offices, or traveling. The foldability aspect ensures that the gadget can be transported easily without worrying about its functionality.

Nooro Foot Massager User Guide

Nooro Foot Massager is designed with the end user in mind. It has a well-detailed user guide that offers easy-to-follow steps on using the device safely and effectively. In light of this, users can confidently set up the massager for maximum results and experience. The straightforward instructions also ensure that no experts are required to set up the device.

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90-Day Habit Tracker

The device is fitted with a 90-day habit tracker and 90 stickers. This assists users to remain focused and track their treatment progress. Using the stickers, users can easily track their milestones. The tracking feature also acts as a motivator for users to observe their regimen as well as enjoy the full benefits of the gadget.

USB Charging System and Remote Control

Nooro Foot Massage package has a USB charging system, allowing users to quickly charge the device even when not near a power outlet. It also has a remote control to help the user take control of the massaging session with the right intensity and speed with three buttons: the ‘M,’ ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons; the + button powers the device, and together with the – button, you can adjust the intensity levels. The M button is for the different massage modes.

Users do not have to move from their position to adjust the speed or intensity of the massage session. The battery charges quickly and can last hours, allowing users to use the device anywhere.

Adjustable Massage Speed

Nooro Foot Massager comes with eight modes as well as 19 intensity levels. The device gives the user a high customizing experience with the variable massage intensity. Users can select between the eight modes and 19 intensity levels depending on their treatment level and other specified requirements. This allows users to have their favorite setting for their condition.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Technology

The main technology behind the effectiveness of the Nooro Foot Massager is neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). This exclusive technology sends targeted electric impulses to the deep parts of the foot tissue, leading to improved blood circulation and nerve stimulation for pain relief. The technology also enhances nerve cell regeneration, ensuring the gadget can heal foot health issues within days.

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How it Works

The revolutionary Nooro Foot Massager utilizes the patented Neuromuscular and Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) innovation designed to transform the foot care regimen in the world. The technology provides targeted/focused massage and vibration to the deeper leg tissues, improving blood circulation to the foot and eliminating muscle pain, tingling foot pain, and numbness.

  • Charging – The massager will need to be charged before use
  • Position the feet on the footpad – Place your feet on the Nooro footpad
  • Customize the massage – Choose the mode using the remote and then the intensity level from the options to choose the massage preference and comfort level.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends about 20 minutes of continuous use once daily, which can be used up to three times daily. This will help in the elimination of leg pain and numbness within days.

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Key Benefits of Using Nooro Foot Massager

Here are the key benefits of using the Nooro Foot Massager:

Stops Swelling

The device offers swift relief from swelling by deploying focused frequencies to the deep foot tissues. These frequencies can be customized to the affected areas to provide immediate comfort in swollen areas and alleviate inflammation.

Deals With the Root Cause of Foot Pain and Discomfort

Unlike other methods used in enhancing foot health, the Nooro Foot Massager is designed using medical-proven tactics to deal with the primary causes of foot health issues. It stimulates the pain pathways in the foot by targeting the right nerves and enhancing blood circulation, which helps deal with discomfort and pain and enhances healing. By targeting the pain pathways, the device helps deal with chronic and systemic foot pain.

Relaxes and Helps in Getting Better Sleep

Nooro Foot Massager provides a unique foot massage, which helps to release tension and pressure. It enables the whole body to relax, improving the chances of a sound sleep.

Where to Buy

Currently, the device is only available from the Nooro Foot Massager website. The manufacturer’s website is reliable and trustworthy. It also has buyer protection services to ensure buyers do not get scammed when paying. Nooro Foot Massager prices are as follows:

  • One Nooro foot massager at $99.95 plus $4.95 shipping fee
  • Two Nooro foot massagers at $94.95 each plus free shipping
  • Three Nooro foot massagers at $89.95 each plus free shipping
  • Four-foot Nooro massagers at $87.95 each plus free shipping
  • Six Nooro foot massagers at $84.95 plus free shipping

Money Back Guarantee

Customers do not need to worry about the effectiveness of Nooro Foot Massage as the company promises a refund after 90 days if no results are realized. The money-back-guarantee shows that the brand is confident that the device is effective and reassures the users of noticeable foot health within a month.

Customers can reach the company at:

  • Email: support@nooro-us.com
  • Phone: +1 212-444-3144

Final Words

Foot health issues are discomforting and discourage individuals from life enjoyments. Nooro Foot Massager is set to revolutionize the foot health sector by providing quick and medical-approved results. The device is easy to use and maintain; all required is plugging it into a power outlet and enjoying pain relief like never before. Visit the Nooro Foot Massager company’s site to purchase one today.


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