Hai Reviews: Is Hai Smart Showerhead System for Healthy Showers Right For You?

Hai is a smart showerhead that allows users to improve water pressure and use less than they need to. This device is easy to install, and consumers often report lower water bills for the reduced consumption.

What is Hai?

Everyone wants to get a comfortable and relaxing shower. Using a comfortable shower to unwind after a long day but indulging in a hot shower for as long as they want is incredibly expensive, and it may not be easy in some areas under water use restrictions. There are seemingly few solutions for consumers who deal with weak water pressure and don’t want to go broke in the process of getting a good shower.

Low water pressure often results from old plumbing or water supply issues, but consumers shouldn’t be victims of where they live. Instead, it’s time to take back this experience, transforming it from a hygienic necessity into a time of true relaxation and enjoyment. That’s where Hai comes in.

The Hai showerhead is unlike anything, providing an entire shower system without having to pick up a single tool to install it. The showerhead system was made easy to install without needing a plumber or any other professional to get involved.

Once the Hai is installed, consumers start using 30% less water than they ever have, which is great news for their water bill. However, they won’t have to worry about getting a weak stream shower. Instead, this device gives users incredible water pressure, saving them money and conserving water.

According to the creators, it improves the user’s health and significantly reduces their water bill. The showerhead has already shown such incredible performance in the industry that it won the 2022 Popular Science Best of What’s New Award and the 2022 Amazon Products for Tomorrow award.

Installation is simple and easy. Consumers only need a few minutes to switch out their old showerhead with Hai, but the savings come from the reduced water consumption. Complicated devices only make the experience more stressful, but this device can work for anyone. Since it doesn’t require any permanent changes to the user’s shower, they also can install it if they are only using temporary housing or renting. No markings are left behind; users can just uninstall it when ready to move, bringing it to the next house or apartment.

No one can truly enjoy a shower when they have the stress on their shoulders of what it may mean. For some people, even taking one hot shower is enough to break the bank, and there’s nothing more stressful about a shower than having to rush through it. For some people, a good shower is the only part of their day when they care for their own needs, and it shouldn’t come with guilt and tension. By using the water-saving mechanism in Hai, consumers can start saving money and taking the shower that they deserve to enjoy.

A smart showerhead can be quite expensive for consumers, which is why the creators at Hai currently offer a promotion that drastically drops the cost. With this extra savings, the shower pays for itself with the drop in the user’s water bill, ensuring that anyone reaps the rewards.

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How the Hai Showerhead Works

This showerhead ensures that consumers improve every part of their shower experience. From the start of using Hai, consumers notice an incredible difference in their daily consumption, ensuring that they support the environment as much as they indulge in their experience. As the device is installed, it starts tracking water usage from when it is turned on. By tracking this use, the device can also reduce the water the showerhead releases.

The Hai showerhead spray settings are another distinct advantage of using this device. The user can customize their spray from the app, allowing them to choose from various customizable settings. While some people prefer the high-pressure stream, others enjoy the gentle touch of the mist setting. These adjustments ensure that users don’t have to endure cold skin or excessive soap suds they never overcome. No matter what the user wants to experience, Hai covers it.

Consumers can sign up for the corresponding app to monitor how much water is used. The app connects to the Hai showerhead via Bluetooth, supporting the connection with the energy from the water passing through it. Since the unique turbine generates this power without any electricity or batteries, the device is self-sufficient from the moment the user installs it.

In addition to the special features the creators included, users even decide exactly how they want the water to spray and what temperature they want to maintain. No matter when or how the user wants to shower, the perfect experience lies with using Hai.

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Using Hai Showerhead

Consumers want the best experience possible, and that moment is easy to achieve every day. When the package arrives, users will need to install the showerhead. Since the Hai is just as easy to install as any other showerhead, users won’t need any tools. While other models are more complex and difficult to set up, the creators of Hai pride themselves on making the lives of their customers easier.

Once the showerhead is installed, users need to download the app. This app is the method that consumers use to control every setting, including the water pressure and temperature. They select the settings they want for the showerhead once it runs. Then, the app notifies them when the showerhead has adjusted to their customized settings.

Then, all that’s left is to enjoy the shower! Users turn their showers on and off the same way, inherently using less water than ever.


Purchasing Hai

The only way consumers can make their purchases is through the official website. The website offers several packages, depending on how many devices the user wants to purchase.

The available packages include:

  • One smart Hai showerhead for $149.95 + Free Shipping
  • Two smart Hai showerheads for $224.92 + Free Shipping
  • Buy Two smart Hai showerheads Get One Free for $299.90 + Free Shipping

All orders come with free shipping and come with a money-back guarantee of 60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hai

Q. Can consumers improve their water pressure by using the Hai showerhead?

A. Most people experience an incredible change in their water pressure, helping them to feel cleaner and more comfortable with every shower. This showerhead maximizes water pressure, regardless of the current water flow in their home.

Q. Can the user fit the Hai showerhead into their current shower?

A. These luxurious showerheads work with any US shower. Consumers do not have to adjust any of their current plumbing, and it won’t take any tools to be able to install it.

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Q. Can renters use Hai?

A. Yes. Since this system doesn’t require a permanent installation, consumers can put it in any home that they are in.

Q. Will consumers save water when they install Hai?

A. Yes. Users require less water and energy with the specialized mechanism inside this showerhead while still getting better pressure. Plus, consumers can set LED alerts on their showerheads directly with the mobile app to keep track of their use.

Q. How will the Hai showerhead work when no batteries or electricity are involved?

A. To create this purification, the showerhead uses the stream from the faucet to improve energy levels. This energy also helps with Bluetooth connectivity so that the app can keep track of everything.

Q. How much water will users save with the Hai showerhead installed?

A. It depends entirely on the user. They can track their information on the official app, allowing users to see everything they can use and learn with this showerhead.

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Q. When will the order arrive?

A. Most orders arrive within 3-5 business days. The orders take about 48 hours to process.

Q. Will users receive tracking information?

A. Yes. This tracking information is emailed directly to the user once the order ships.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. While the creators insist that this device can benefit anyone, consumers have the protection of a 60-day money-back guarantee if this product doesn’t suit their needs.

For any other questions or concerns, send an email to:

  • haihelp@gethai.com


Hai Showerheads are made in the USA and provide a unique and ideal experience for showering. With the ability to customize the temperature, water pressure, and more, consumers can change the device every single time to ensure they get the desired experience. This device reduces water consumption by 30%, saving users money on water bills without sacrificing a good shower.

Plus, with only minutes to install, Hai Showerhead users won’t have to wait long to experience the difference.

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