Buzz Repel Pro Lamp Reviews – Negative Customer Complaints Reported or False Claims?

Mosquitoes are not only annoying but also dangerous to humans and pets. If you are looking for a safe alternative to mitigate bugs it’s time to try Buzz Repel Pro Lamp. The innovative device repels mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects. It gives you hassle-free protection whether you are sleeping, bonding with family, working, camping, etc.

The following Buzz Repel Pro Lamp review will help you understand all the hype surrounding Buzz Repel Pro Lamp.

What is Buzz Repel Pro Lamp?

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a portable repellent that keeps mosquitoes, fleas, and other bugs away. It uses ultrasonic waves from the LED light to disperse mosquitoes. The device has a compact design that allows you to carry it on different occasions, whether outside camping, sleeping, or inside the house.

The bug-repellent lamp is a cost-effective, low-maintenance bug-control solution that guarantees safety and protection. It contributes to deeper and more peaceful sleep and reduces the risk of illnesses caused by bugs. Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a multifunctional device that serves as a source of light and repellant. It provides sufficient light for both indoor and outdoor use.

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp has an eco-friendly design that does not emit fumes, chemicals, or toxins. It is rechargeable, uses five speeds, and has a portable hanging hook. The device is designed with the unique capability to work in various weather conditions. It works perfectly in the rain, snow, heat, or cold.

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The device is built using high-quality materials that make it durable. It can protect you from all types of bugs for a long time. The lamp has received a lot of hype, which makes the demand high. The manufacturer offers a 30-day refund policy and discounts of up to 55% while stock lasts.


How Does Buzz Repel Pro Lamp Work?

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp emits ultrasonic waves with high-frequency sounds only audible to bugs. The waves interfere with communication, feeding, and other activities, thus dispersing insects away. The repellent has LED lighting for illumination in dark areas and repels insects. The wavelengths produced by the LED light prevent bugs from approaching the illuminated area.

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Unlike traditional mosquito repellents, Buzz Repel Pro Lamp provides a non-toxic solution that does not produce harmful fumes, chemicals, or toxins. Its non-toxic approach makes it safe for humans and pets.

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp offers maximum coverage both indoors and outdoors, creating a 16’by 16′ mosquito-free area. It operates continuously as long as it is fully charged. The device protects you from disease-causing insects and supports better sleep when used at night.

The Features of Buzz Repel Pro Lamp

Rechargeable battery- you can recharge your Buzz Repel Pro Lamp using a USB cable connected to a power source like a power bank, computer, laptop, or USB charger. As long as the lamp is fully charged, you can use it even when there is no electricity;

Adjustable brightness- the device allows you to adjust the brightness depending on your activity environment. You make the brightness lower when sleeping and brighter when you are outdoors;

Compact and portable- Buzz Repel Pro Lamp has a compact design, making it easy to carry around. It comes with a hook that you can use to hang on the ceiling and enjoy a bug-free house;

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Ultra bright LED light- the bug-repellant device emits bright LED light that helps attract bugs from a reasonable distance and kill them;

Weather resistant- Buzz Repel Pro Lamp uses materials that can withstand various weather conditions. You can continue using the bug repellant in snow, rain, and intense cold or heat.

The Benefits of Buzz Repel Pro Lamp

Effectively kill bugs- Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is designed to emit light wavelengths to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. It zaps and kills bugs instantly;

Safe- you can use Buzz Repel Pro Lamp around children and pets as it is safe and does not emit harmful toxins or odors to the environment. It will not electrocute your kids or pets;

Rechargeable Battery- The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp can be charged with a standard USB cable that, once fully charged, provides several hours of continuous use.

Support better sleep- Buzz Repel Pro Lamp enables a comfortable and relaxing sleep by freeing you from distractions caused by fleas, mosquitoes, and other bugs. The LED light provides a soft glow, which contributes to a soothing ambiance while sleeping;

Outdoor use- according to the website, Buzz Repel Pro Lamp can be used outdoors when camping to keep bugs away. It provides a comfortable and safe experience without worrying about insect bites;

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User-friendly- the bug-repellent device is simple and requires no technical skills. You plug it into a power source and turn it on;

Reduce the risk of illnesses- some bugs, like mosquitoes, can cause serious diseases. Buzz Repel Pro Lamp keeps you safe from all types of bugs, therefore reducing the risk of certain diseases and infections;

Dual functionality- Buzz Repel Pro Lamp doubles as a bug-repellant and a light source. The dual functionality makes it versatile, especially for your outdoor space;

Save energy—Buzz Repel Pro Lamp’s LED lighting provides illumination while saving energy and lowering your electricity bill.

Customer Reviews

Daisy P“I was excited to try the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp for our camping trips. The concept is fantastic, and it’s lightweight and easy to pack. It does a great job of keeping mosquitoes away.”

Bob P“I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast for years, and the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is by far the best mosquito repellent device I’ve ever used. The effectiveness is unparalleled; mosquitoes seem to vanish, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment outdoors. Thrilled with this purchase!”

Greg C“The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp works well at keeping the mosquitoes at bay during our family BBQs. It’s compact and easy to use, with a simple on-off switch.”

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

Buzz Repel Pro Lamps are exclusively available on the official website. You will not find them in online retail stores or physical shops. The website is currently running a spring sale up to May 4th, so check the prices below:

  • One Buzz Repel Pro Lamp at $39.99 + fast shipping;
  • Two Buzz Repel Pro Lamps at $37.99 each + fast shipping;
  • Three Buzz Repel Pro Lamps at $35.99 each + fast shipping;
  • Four Buzz Repel Pro Lamps at $33.99 each + fast shipping;
  • Five Buzz Repel Pro Lamps at $31.99 each + fast shipping.

Add Ons:

  • Customers can also purchase extra packs of Citronella patches for $4.79/ea and ship them with their order for free.
  • Customers can add to their purchase with a one-year extended warranty replacement and protection warranty for $7.20/ea.

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Unsatisfied Buzz Repel Pro Lamp users can get a full refund within 30 days. You must return the product in the same condition you received and in the original packaging, then contact the creators to request your refund at:

  • https://offer.buzzrepelpro.com/lamp/offer/1/contact.php


Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is made in the USA and is a bug-repellant with dual functionality. It disperses insects and provides illumination whether you are inside or outside. The device uses a chemical-free approach that is safe for humans and pets. It emits high-frequency ultrasound waves that are only audible to insects and deter them from approaching.

The device uses five speeds, which makes it highly effective. You can recharge Buzz Repel Pro Lamp using a USB cable connected to a power source. It provides wide coverage, allowing you to enjoy a good time with family and friends.

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp provides restful sleep by keeping mosquitoes away. It reduces the risk of diseases caused by insects and prevents skin rashes, itching, and other conditions. The device is affordable, saves energy, and requires low maintenance. It is also trusted by thousands of users who have already purchased it and are enjoying the benefits.

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