The Real RFK Jr Review: A Story Of An American Icon’s Truth [Movie]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a notable name in America. The Real RFK, Jr is an intriguing documentary revolving around the life of Robert. Kennedy, Jr., including his battles, wins, politics, and ideologies. Directed by Award-winning Ron Lynch and produced by Jeff Hay Films, the documentary is a must-watch for every adult.

The popularity of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, alias Bobby, has skyrocketed over the years. He is an anti-vaccine activist, environmental lawyer, and the Children’s Health Defense CEO. The Kennedy family member is an independent candidate in this year’s US presidential election.

According to Jeff Hays Films, the Real RFK, Jr is an insightful film that will stream from 19-28 February 2024. Anyone across the globe can watch the free streaming to learn more about the 2024 US presidential candidate.

The Real RFK, Jr documentary is based on his biography as written by long-time colleague Dick Russell. The film aims to provide the truth about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and dispel any misinformation from media houses.

The Background of the Real RFK, Jr Documentary

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a famous environmentalist whose works have aided in nature conservation. However, Bobby’s good name has been muddled recently because of his anti-vaccine stance and other sentiments that have earned him the reputation of a “Misinformation Peddler.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr advocated for using vaccines that are free from toxins. Additionally, he has made tremendous strides in getting the mercury out of fish and pesticides out of food. He is on the front line, pushing to adopt fuel-efficient automobiles.

What happened in 2011? Why did Robert F. Kennedy become a persona non grata and his works deemed “conspiracies.” The Real RFK, Jr documentary reveals how major media houses refused to publish his results. The film is an antidote to the media’s unfair parody of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The movie is fascinating and can help you view the 2024 US presidential aspirant from a different angle, away from media biases.


About the Real RFK, Jr Film

Early Life: The introduction of Real RFK, Jr.’s documentary starts with his upbringing in the legendary Kennedy family. The former US president’s nephew nostalgically remembers interacting with his uncle. He reveals he once gifted the president a live salamander and spent weekends at his family home.

Trauma and Alcohol Addiction: Robert F. Kennedy Jr sadly remembers getting the news of his uncle’s assassination while in school. Several years later, he got taken out of school yet again to mourn his father, who was assassinated during his own presidential campaign. The trauma of losing the two male members of his family through cold murder pushed the young Robert F. Kennedy Jr into drug and alcohol problems.

A devout Roman Catholic believer, Bobby claims that his belief and devotion helped him quit and stay clean from drugs and alcohol. Robert F. Kennedy Jr shares that he still attends the daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings up to date.

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Love for Animals: Robert F. Kennedy loves animals and nature. His interest in environmental matters helped him overcome trauma and addiction. RFK Jr is a licensed falconer and owns multiple hawks.

The Real RFK Jr documentary reveals how Robert F. Kennedy Jr empathized with the citizens’ struggles. In the film, the main character argues that living intentionally daily and focusing on the right things have helped him overcome numerous challenges.

Career: In the Real RFK, Jr documentary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr remembers the harmful degradation of the Hudson River when still a youngster. The boating experience with his father encouraged him to pursue a career in law. Robert F. Kennedy has a master’s in law from PACE University Law School. He founded various non-profit organizations advocating for better environmental conservation, including the PACE Environmental Law Center and Waterkeepers Alliance. According to the Real RFK, Jr documentary. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has helped to settle or win over five hundred environmental lawsuits.

Brush with Justice: Robert F. Kennedy Jr has participated in numerous legal cases against famous corporations. Notwithstanding, he has spent a month behind bars for his civil disobedience. Robert F. Kennedy Jr prevented the US Navy from using the Puerto Rican island for target practice. In the end, the protest was successful, and the Navy stopped bombing the island.

The Real RFK Jr film aims to explain the rich life and career of 2024 US presidential aspirant Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The documentary demystifies and sheds light on the truths about the activists, environmentalists, and politicians. It dispels the common understanding that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an “anti-vaxxer.” The Real RFK, Jr documentary is a must-watch for people looking to understand the man, father, and human making a run for the top office seat.

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Benefits of the Real RFK, Jr Documentary

  • The Real RFK, Jr provides accurate information about Robert F. Kennedy Jr
  • The documentary provides insights into the unknown and forgotten aspects of Robert F Kennedy Jr
  • The cinematic film can dispel the lies about Robert F. Kennedy Jr
  • The Real RFK, Jr is educative and can provide you with the proper knowledge about environmental conservation
  • The film could change your view about choosing presidential candidates in 2024

Who Should Watch the Real RFK, Jr Film?

The Real RFK, Jr is for everyone across the globe. You can watch it with your friends and family. The producer claims the cinema provides an opportunity to know the authentic Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

How to Watch the Real RFK, Jr

You should log in to the Real RFK, Jr’s website to gain free entry to the groundbreaking documentary. Anyone across the globe can get the link and secure a spot to watch the landmark film. Consumers receive personal access links to the free premiere screening directly via email.

Contact customer service if you have any questions about the film or its production.

  • Email: info@jeffhaysfilms.com
  • Telephone: 1-801-855-6555


The Real RFK, Jr is a landmark documentary featuring the untold story of environmentalist, lawyer, and human rights activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The film is based on the detailed biography of Dick Russell and produced by award-winning producer Jeff Hayes. You can watch the premiere at zero charges from 19-28th February 2024. Log on to Real RFK, Jr’s official website to get the download link straight to your email.


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