ProNervium Reviews – Negative Customer Complaints Reported or False Claims?

Do you suffer from neuropathy? This debilitating disease causes burning and tingling sensations in your arms, hands, legs, and feet. The disease progresses into excruciating pain symptoms and can leave the patient requiring amputation or end up paralyzing them as their nervous system shuts down.

Doctors treat neuropathy using dangerous drugs like anticonvulsant medications and Gabapentin. Unfortunately, these drugs have severe side effects that further ruin your quality of life. However, patients continue with them because they want to avoid the risk of paralysis or amputation.

Drugs from Big Pharma don’t resolve the underlying cause of neuropathy; they only mask the pain symptoms. Now, you have a natural, sustainable solution to managing and curing neuropathy that doesn’t involve drug therapies. ProNervium will eradicate your neuropathy symptoms and leave you pain-free.

Introducing ProNervium – Boost Neurite Growth & Reverse Neuropathy Symptoms

Benjamin Marsh is the mind behind the ProNervium formula. He’s a former sergeant in the U.S. Military and a neuropathy patient. Ben’s neuropathy was so severe he decided to take matters into his own hands to find a solution after the drugs his doctor prescribed him did nothing to resolve his neuropathy.

He partnered with Dr Zhang Wei, a TCM specialist, and Dr. James Hamilton, a British neurologist, to create the ProNervium formula. This supplement targets the root cause of neuropathy – the production of inflammatory enzymes that kill neurites, resulting in the onset of pain symptoms in neuropathy patients.

Neurites are tiny branches connecting the nerves and carry electrical signals to the sensory and motor nerves. When inflammatory enzymes attack neurites, it leads to the onset of neuropathy symptoms. ProNervium regrows neurites, reversing the disorder to leave you pain-free.

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What are the Neurite-Enhancing Ingredients in ProNervium?

ProNervium is a selection of adaptogenic, healing mushrooms featuring neuritogenic compounds. The fungi selected for this formula underwent extensive medical testing to show neurite-regenerating properties.

Cordyceps Sinensis

This unique species of cordyceps is incredibly expensive, selling for up to $10,000 per pound—more expensive than white truffles. This fungus has potent neurite-regenerating properties and improves the cellular transportation of oxygen through red blood cells to the nerve endings to fast-track neurite regeneration.

Ganoderma Lucidum

Also known as the “Supernatural Fungus,” this mushroom reduces neuroinflammation and, according to a 2017 study published in The Journal of Natural Medicine, relieves nerve discomfort in humans. The Taipei Medical University has a study showing this mushroom features neuritogenic proteins that stimulate neurite growth.

Grifola Frondosa

Also known as the “Dancing Mushroom,” this fungus promotes neurite regeneration and balances blood sugar while boosting immunity. It works as a treatment to reduce triglycerides and improve cholesterol profile while enhancing optimal blood pressure levels.

Inonotus Obliquus

Also known as the Chaga Mushroom, this fungus has a long history of supporting GI health and reducing the creation of inflammatory enzymes in the gut, which spread throughout the body in a process called “systemic inflammation.” It stops neuroinflammatory enzymes from eroding the myelin sheath and supports healthy blood sugar levels.

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Hericium Erinaceus

Also known as “lions’ mane,” this mushroom has a pain-relieving effect and assists with restoring and growing nerve cells in the body. A study by the National Defense Medical Center in Taipei shows that it restores nerve signaling and re-calibrates motor movements.

Shiitake Mushroom

An important mushroom in TCM, Shiitake helps to reduce inflammation associated with joint discomfort and stiffness. It contains Lentinan, which assists with nerve regeneration.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail boosts immunity and the health of your immune system while enhancing digestive health and reducing inflammation in the gut. It prevents the accumulation of inflammatory enzymes, preventing the spread of systemic inflammation to your nervous system.

Sun Mushroom

The Sun mushroom has anti-aging properties that clear free radicals from your system and regrow neurites.

White Button Mushroom

This mushroom is a staple in Western diets. It is packed with antioxidants, beta-glucans, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides that clear metabolic waste and assist with improving glucose profile to boost cellular health and prevent diabetes.

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Auricularia Auricula

Auricularia Auricula, this fungus is high in polysaccharides that regenerate your nerve endings. It also balances your cholesterol profile, reducing harmful LDL triglycerides while improving your HDL profile.


How Do I Use ProNervium & What Results Can I Expect?

Take a single dose of ProNervium in the morning. You can use this supplement with or without food, and it won’t affect the formula’s absorption or your results. According to user reviews, most people notice a difference in the intensity and severity of their neuropathy symptoms in the first few weeks of using ProNervium.

However, according to Dr. Hamilton, depending on the extent of your condition, you’ll need three to six months on ProNervium to completely eradicate neuropathy symptoms. The research on the ProNervium formula shows that participants in the study on its efficacy experienced a 400% to 900% increase in neurite production during the sample test period.

Many of the study participants experienced up to 83% regeneration of their nerve endings, while the average recovery rate was 63%. Become the next ProNervium success story and order yours today!

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ProNervium – Pros & Cons


  • End neuropathy pain.
  • Works for all types of neuropathies.
  • Works for people of all ages.
  • End reliance on pain medications.
  • No side effects.
  • Direct-from-manufacturer pricing.
  • Deep discounts for bundle orders.
  • Free shipping with bundle orders.


  • Limited-time price promotion.
  • Limited inventory is available.
  • No free shipping with single-bottle orders.

Order ProNervium on Promotion & Save

When Benjamin Marsh first purchased the mushrooms to develop the ProNervium formula, he spent over $1,200. After consulting with his team, they decided $199 was a fair price for the supplement. However, Ben wanted to make ProNervium accessible to everyone with neuropathic pain, without money standing in the way of their recovery.

So, he decided to limit the distribution of this powerful formula to the official ProNervium website. By removing intermediaries in the deal, Ben can offer you a special promotional price. As a result, you get ProNervium at the cheapest price possible and reap the benefits of this powerful formula.

A single bottle is a great deal, but you can save even more when you order a three—or six-bottle bundle deal.

  • Take a single bottle of ProNervium and pay $69 each. Save $130 off the regular retail price of $199.
  • Order a three-bottle bundle for a 90-day supply of ProNervium and pay $59 per bottle (order total $177). Save $$420 off the regular retail price of $597.
  • For the best value, take a six-bottle bundle and a 180-day supply of ProNervium and pay $49 each (order total $294). You’ll save $900 on the regular trial price of $1,194.

If you’re hesitant about spending money on ProNervium, that’s understandable. With so many natural products claiming to deliver results, you might find it hard to commit to ordering ProNervium. That’s why Benjamin Marsh is guaranteeing your results. If you don’t end your Neuropathy symptoms with ProNervium, return your bottles for a full refund in 180 days. To start a return, you can contact them at support@instituteofneuropathy.com.

ProNervium – FAQ

Q: How many people use ProNervium, and what are they saying about their results?

A: More than 134,200 men and women are already seeing benefits from using ProNervium to resolve their neuropathy symptoms. If it works for them, it will work for you. Give it a try and become the next ProNervium success story!

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Q: Is ProNervium a science-backed supplement with clinically proven results?

A: Yes. Visit the official ProNervium online store and navigate to the bottom of the page. You’ll see dozens of studies from leading medical publications discussing the efficacy of the mushrooms in the ProNervium formula in resolving neuropathy pain and regrowing nerve endings.

Q: Can ProNervium work for anyone of any age or with any neuropathy?

A: Yes. ProNervium will resolve pain symptoms associated with all types of neuropathies. It’s effective for people of all ages and will work for you, regardless of age.

Q: Why use ProNervium when I can order the mushrooms in the formula myself?

A: You could order the mushrooms in the ProNervium formula, but that approach has a few problems. First, ordering these mushrooms from suppliers could cost you upwards of $1,200 to collect all the ingredients. As mentioned, the cordyceps variety in the formula retails for up to $10,000 per pound. Second, the ProNervium formula mixes these mushrooms in a specific ratio to make them effective. It took years of scientific research in laboratories with medical teams to uncover the exact ratio required to produce effective results.

Q: Why haven’t I heard about the healing powers of mushrooms for resolving neuropathy before?

A: The pharmaceutical industry is worth around $1.4 trillion. The companies involved in this space don’t want you to know about natural solutions that could end your reliance on the drugs they offer to stop neuropathic pain. They actively suppress the information and make it challenging for supplement companies to jump through loopholes in legislation to get products to the market to replace medications. ProNervium will end your neuropathy symptoms and improve your quality of life, removing your reliance on drugs to manage your condition.

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