AirBolt GPS Reviews – Is the Air Bolt GPS Really Worth It or Scam?

Do you worry about where your stuff is when you’re traveling? What about wondering where your dog is when you can’t see him? Or your kids? Maybe you lose your keys a couple of times a week and waste a lot of time looking for them. There is a solution, one small device, that could help solve all these problems. The new AirBolt GPS, which the manufacturer claims is the world’s smallest GPS tracker, is here to help. It’s small, affordable, and has a multitude of features to help you keep track of the important pieces in your life, whether those are people, pets, or objects. Keep reading to learn more about these new GPS trackers.

A Quick Overview

What is the AirBolt GPS – the pint-sized powerhouse aiming to revolutionize your tracking game?

Picture this: the world’s smallest Cellular GPS Tracker, promising pinpoint accuracy for all your tracking needs. Whether it’s your furry friend, your keys playing hide-and-seek, your luggage pulling a disappearing act, or even your wheels, the AirBolt GPS claims to be the Sherlock Holmes of the tracking world.

What’s in its bag of tricks, you ask? Global LIVE Tracking – check. Rechargeable with a side of USB-C – check. Up to 12 months of battery life – double-check. It’s also got a waterproof jacket (IP X7 for the tech geeks), a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, and even a water detection sensor. It’s like a mini GPS superhero with a whole arsenal of sensors!

For the skeptics among us, let’s talk money. One AirBolt GPS will set you back $99.99, but there are bundle deals, too – 2 for $169.98 or 4 for $299.90 (buy 2, get 2 free!). There is one small catch – there’s a subscription fee for the real-time tracking magic. Standard plan at $9.99/month or $100 per year, and a Premium plan at $129.99 per year or $239.99 for two years, with a bunch of perks like accidental damage coverage and free upgrades.

Let’s see if the AirBolt GPS lives up to the buzz.

Discover the world’s smallest GPS tracker – AirBolt GPS!

Key Highlights

First, the AirBolt GPS claims to be the world’s smallest Cellular GPS Tracker. Think of it as a GPS ninja, stealthily fitting into your tracking needs without taking up much space. It’s not just about size – it packs a punch with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring you’re always aware of your pet’s latest adventure or your bag’s impromptu vacation.

Now, let’s talk durability – this gadget is not afraid of a little rough and tumble. With an IP X7 waterproof rating, it’s ready to weather the storm. Rain or shine, your tracking game stays strong.

Battery life is a significant player here. The AirBolt GPS claims up to 12 months per charge. That’s a year-long commitment to keeping tabs on your belongings without worrying about recharging. And when the time does come, it’s USB-C rechargeable – fast, simple, and no fuss.

Sensors, anyone? The AirBolt GPS is not holding back. It’s got a temperature sensor, an accelerometer for detecting motion, and even a water detection sensor. It’s like having a mini guardian angel for your stuff, alerting you to any unexpected environmental changes.

Global LIVE Tracking is the star of the show. No matter where you are, the AirBolt GPS promises to keep you in the loop. Whether in the concrete jungle or a tropical paradise, it claims to have you covered.

See for yourself why AirBolt GPS is so popular

Ideal User

Now, let’s talk about who the AirBolt GPS might be the perfect wingman for – the ideal users who can tap into its potential without missing a beat.

If your life is a constant adventure, the AirBolt GPS might be your trusty travel companion. Whether you’re hopping on planes, trains, or automobiles, the global LIVE tracking feature claims to keep your belongings in check no matter where your wanderlust takes you.

For the fur-parents out there who want to keep a virtual eye on their four-legged pals, the AirBolt GPS could be a game-changer. With motion alerts and the ability to track in real-time, it aims to ease the worries of wondering where Fido is exploring.

If you’re the type who constantly wonders, “Where did I leave my keys?” the AirBolt GPS might rescue you from those daily searches. Its small size and long battery life make it a potential savior for those notorious for misplacing their essentials.

Camping, hiking, or just enjoying the great outdoors? The AirBolt GPS, with its waterproof feature and durable design, claims to be up for the challenge. There’s no need to worry about a sudden downpour or accidental spills – it’s built to withstand a little water.

For the parents out there trying to strike a balance between giving teens freedom and keeping an eye on their whereabouts, the AirBolt GPS could offer a solution. Geofencing and real-time tracking aim to provide peace of mind without being overly intrusive.

If you’re a business owner wanting to keep tabs on valuable assets or a logistics manager tracking shipments, the AirBolt GPS might be a contender. Its compact size and global tracking could make asset management a breeze.


The AirBolt GPS is only available online from the official website. Once you choose the number of devices you need, you can select your subscription package for the monitoring. They will not work if you don’t purchase a monitoring package.

  • Order one GPS for $99.99
  • Order two for $169.98
  • Order four for $299.90

All orders come with free shipping. The next decision is whether you want standard or premium monitoring. Premium monitoring comes with a long list of additional features, including coverage for accidental damage or loss of the GPS device for only $30 more a year. Standard monitoring is $100 a year or $179 for two years. Premium monitoring is $129 a year or $239 for two years.

The AirBolt GPS comes with a 30-day return window. If you’re not happy with your purchase, please contact customer service to discuss the refund policy or any other questions you may have.

  • Email: team@support@theairbolt.com


Let’s cut to the chase and answer the million-dollar question – is the AirBolt GPS worth the price tag? Here’s the lowdown.

The AirBolt GPS lives up to its claim of being the world’s smallest Cellular GPS Tracker. Its compact size and waterproof design make it a contender for various scenarios. For the globetrotters among us, the AirBolt GPS flaunts its global tracking prowess. Whether you’re exploring the city or venturing off the beaten path, it claims to have your back. The promise of up to 12 months per charge is no small feat. USB-C rechargeability adds a modern touch, making it convenient for users on the go. The inclusion of sensors like temperature, accelerometer, and water detection sets the AirBolt GPS apart, adding an extra layer of functionality.

The real-time magic comes at a cost – a subscription fee. While the pricing plans offer flexibility, it’s an additional factor to consider. While the claims of global tracking and extended battery life sound enticing, real-world testing is essential to verify if these features hold up.

For some people – frequent travelers, pet parents, and those prone to misplacing essentials – the AirBolt GPS could be a game-changer. Its size, durability, and global tracking make it a versatile gadget. However, the subscription fee adds a layer of consideration. While the pricing plans are reasonable, users need to weigh the ongoing cost against the perceived benefits.

In conclusion, if you find yourself nodding along to the highlighted benefits and can justify the subscription fee for real-time tracking, the AirBolt GPS might be a worthy investment. Visit the official website to learn more today!


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