Vi-Shift Glasses Reviews – Is It Legit? Cheap or Quality Product to Buy?

Vi-Shift Glasses are a pair of glasses that consumers can adjust to meet their needs, allowing them to make near-sighted consumers a little more comfortable. The glasses are easy to adjust, helping consumers get the view they need when it matters the most.

What are the Vi-Shift Glasses?

Everyone wants the ability to see the world clearly, even if they are doing mundane tasks. The magnificent view of a mountain range or a dense forest is a sight to take in, but they are easy to see from a distance. What about when consumers want to read their favorite book or write a letter to a friend?

Millions of people wear corrective lenses to see clearly. Whether they choose glasses or contacts, they need these lenses to see what’s around them. Most people exceed the daily amount of time that optometrists recommend for corrective lenses because they simply desire to see better. Unfortunately, the prescription for these corrective lenses must be renewed every year, so consumers must spend more money for even the slightest adjustment.

This type of solution for vision issues is helpful, but it doesn’t account for days when users have fluctuations in their vision, which is the plight of anyone who struggles with presbyopia. This condition causes fluctuations in eyesight, and someone who already has a prescription may not even be able to wear their regular glasses without serious changes. The goal of Vi-Shift Glasses is to fix exactly this issue.

Vi-Shift Glasses look like an average pair of glasses but are much different. Instead of going to an optometrist to get a customized pair of glasses, consumers can customize their view every day with adaptable lenses. With a broad diopter range, consumers can work on days when their vision isn’t quite as good as they are used to.

The lenses are strong and durable to ensure that these glasses withstand various changes. Consumers don’t need a prescription like traditional glasses, even though they have full control over the focus. The design combines multiple aspects of the user’s vision, allowing users to use them in any scenario with a clear view of anything they look at.

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Using the Vi-Shift Glasses gives consumers full control of their vision issues. They can turn the simple dial without needing electronic synching to a smartphone app or having a second set. With a range of -6.0 to +3.0 diopters, consumers can easily see up close or far away. They won’t need a prescription for the glasses, but other vision issues might need a consultation with an optometrist.


How Do The Vi-Shift Glasses Work?

To achieve the customizations that consumers aim to get from the Vi-Shift Glasses, these glasses feature a special dial. The dial allows users to magnify however they want, which is why it is so helpful to consumers who have to worry about their constant changes in focus. The magnification requires no prescription, and consumers can adjust it independently.

The dials work independently, allowing consumers to choose the magnification for each eye. Consumers can adjust it to work for something far away or up close, regardless of how much support they need. The method works for many different purposes, like reading or cooking. While some people can even use the glasses for driving, this is not recommended for anyone with other vision issues.

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Adjusting the glasses to the correct strength is rather easy. The dial on each side ensures that users can customize the view for their separate eyes rather than having to find a solution that works for both. Stand a few meters from the available eye test to test the sharpness, reading the smallest line to check for acuity. Then, consumers have the freedom to enjoy the rest of their day knowing that their vision is clear.


Purchasing Vi-Shift Glasses

By shopping on the official website, consumers can choose multiple pairs of glasses at the same time. By ordering multiple sets, consumers can either keep them available in multiple places for themselves, or they can order enough for loved ones to have the same clear vision.

Currently, consumers can choose from the following packages:

  • One pair for $29.99
  • Two pairs for $53.98
  • Three pairs for $71.98
  • Four pairs for $83.97
  • Five pairs for $89.97

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All of these orders are expected to arrive within 3-5 business days, and consumers can extend their warranty for an entire year by paying another $4.80 per pair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vi-Shift Glasses

Q. What are the Vi-Shift Glasses, and what do they do?

A. The Vi-Shift Glasses are a pair of eyeglasses that consumers can change to their particular prescription. They work for reading, computer work, and many other views without the need to get other glasses. They have a sliding lens on either side, working by adjusting fluid.

Q. Who benefits the most from Vi-Shift Glasses?

A. These types of glasses are particularly helpful for anyone with a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia often impacts consumers over age 40, and it means that the lens doesn’t have the same elasticity as before. Consumers can also use them if their vision changes throughout the day or if they don’t have access to an optometrist.

Q. What must consumers do to adjust the glasses to their settings?

A. With sliders and knobs for specialized adjustments, consumers will need to follow the included instructions to find the best settings for their vision. These settings can be changed with every use.

Q. How durable are the Vi-Shift Glasses?

A. These glasses are extremely durable. However, consumers need to be careful with these glasses because they are not indestructible.

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Q. How do users care for Vi-Shift Glasses?

A. Users must regularly clean the glasses with a dry but soft cloth. No chemicals or abrasive agents should be used because they can destroy the surface. Consumers should store the glasses in a case to protect them from accidental damage.

Q. Is it safe to use the Vi-Shift Glasses for driving?

A. Unfortunately, these glasses might not be the best option for driving. They aren’t meant for issues like astigmatism, and they don’t have the clarity consumers need when driving, especially at night. Consumers who need more from their prescription glasses should speak with their doctor as soon as possible.

Q. What limits are there to using the Vi-Shift Glasses?

A. The main limitation of these glasses is that they cannot offer the precision that prescription glasses offer. Consumers who require bifocals or lenses for astigmatism should speak with their doctor instead.

Q. Where are Vi-Shift Glasses available to purchase?

A. The only way consumers can get the V-Shift Glasses is through the official website.

Q. Is there a return policy?

A. Yes. If the user finds that the V-Shift Glasses are not a good match for their needs, they can get a refund with a money-back guarantee.

  • To contact the customer service team, message support@vi-shift.com or call 1-855-703-1413.


Vi-Shift Glasses offer a clear view of anything without the need for prescription glasses. While consumers with certain vision issues and eye conditions may not be candidates, the glasses are stylish, comfortable, and easy to customize.

The Vi-Shift Glasses are highly durable, even though some consumers might need to put them in a case if they plan to be rougher. With multiple packages available through the official website, consumers finally get control over their real-time view of the world again.

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