The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique Reviews – Is It Legit? Fake or Real Product to Buy?

What do men want? Why would a man leave an “amazing” woman? The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique is an informative guide by relationship experts designed to help attract and keep any man. What is inside the guide? How does it work? Continue reading to discover more about the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique guide.

About the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique

The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique is an expert-based guide intended to help women entice and keep any man they desire. According to the creator, Jake Sommer, men look for more than beauty, sex, or wealth when looking for a woman.

The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique reveals three secrets that ensure your desired man gives you total focus and attention. The handbook lets you get a romantic, caring, and fantastic man. It reveals tricks of ensuring you are in control of your romance.

Jake Sommer’s Secrets

Secret One: More than Beauty and Youth

Jake Sommer argues that the chemistry between a man and a woman goes beyond beauty. The notion that men look for pretty, young, and attractive women is wrong. When looking for a soulmate or women of their dreams, most men settle for “mature” women. Beauty and sex spark a chemistry between men and women. However, to sustain the chemistry, you must be mature. Studies show that 70% of men on dating apps limit their age preference to 35.

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Secret Two: Dumb Women Are Keepers

According to Jake Sommer, intelligent and successful women have trouble dating. The relationship expert cites that for every 16-point increase in a woman’s IQ, her possibility of marriage drops by 40%. The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique reveals tips women can use to become visible to a wide range of men. The book teaches you how to bring romance back to your life.

Secret Three: Let Him Come to You

The notion that men prefer straightforward women is wrong. Being flirty and open blocks you from attracting a high-quality man. The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique reveals a simple sequence to create a secure commitment with your ideal man. Jake Sommer notes that men must feel “superior” in the relationship. A “needy” man may have some emotional problems and may not be perfect in creating a quality relationship.

The attraction sequence is part of The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique, which can make any man obsessed with you. The emotional sequencing secrets are for women looking to date high-quality men, find a soulmate or companion, or love again.

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How Does the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique Work?

Most men confess that the modern woman lacks the emotional attraction they desire. To be fully attracted, a man needs to feel like they have “swept” their preferred woman off her feet. The cosmetic, porn, and Hollywood industry deceive most people into thinking that beauty or age is the key to attracting a man. A woman needs to make a man feel like a king to captivate him on a deep masculine level.

The Temptress Technique by Jack Sommer provides seven particular male physiology cues that target his reward system, ensuring he is attracted to you. The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique works fast if you are willing to trust and be vulnerable again.

It would help if you created a highly charged emotional attraction first to attract your desired companion. The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique enables you to find a man willing to spend a lifetime with you without inhibitions. The guide works for all women regardless of age.

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Phases of the Temptress Technique Protocol

Jack Sommer argues that he has spent countless hours interviewing different types of men before creating the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique guide. The book allows women to understand what most men want and look for in a relationship. Adventurous, intelligent, and respectful men’s wants go beyond beauty, sex, and success.

Phase One: Intrigue

What makes a man enticed to a woman? The first phase reveals a simple technique that allows you to understand the subtle statements and actions you perform that intrigue a man.

Jack Sommer says the guide lets you see a man’s mind and hear his wishes. You will get expert-based simple texts you can send to your desired man to help him become emotionally addicted to you. The first step to a healthy relationship is emotional attraction. If a man fails to invest his emotions in you, beauty or intelligence will not keep him by your side for long.

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Phase Two: Connect

Emotional attraction begets obsession. Jack Sommer notes that what first attracted him, including his masculine build or sexiness, may have almost nothing to do with his reason for being attracted to you. Men stay in a relationship where their worth is noted.

The best relationship is where a man is aware of his woman’s worth and is not ready to part with her. Understanding your man deeply can help you realize whether he is worthy of keeping. Phase two of the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique helps the woman note the red flags early before committing fully.

Phase Three: Select

Do you know where you stand in a relationship? The third phase of the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique eliminates the unnecessary pressure and anxiety you get before selecting your ideal man. The guide reveals methods of knowing whether you can open your heart wide to a high-quality man willing to commit to you. The third phase lets you bond with your man and create a comfortable and secure relationship.

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The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique allows you to find a good man with whom you can create a satisfying relationship without going on numerous blind dates. The simple-to-use guide is marketed as a shortcut to winning back the fantastic love you desire.

Benefits of the 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique

  • The relationship guide provides the fastest way to attract a fantastic guy and a lifetime partner.
  • The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique allows you to get an ideal man regardless of age.
  • It can save you from subscribing to superficial dating sites without results.
  • It teaches you how to use the man’s psychology to remain loyal and loving to you.


The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique guidebook is available on the official website for only $20. Ordering the relationship guide also offers discounts and bonuses.

Money-back Guarantee: The Emotional Attraction Sequence by Jake Sommer is purportedly an eye-opening relationship guide. The seven strategies are designed to help you find your perfect man, and the creator provides a 60-day money-back guarantee with each purchase.

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Final Word

The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique is an expert-crafted relationship guide for women. It provides seven proven strategies for attracting high-quality and unique men regardless of your age. The guide provides step-by-step methods for winning your ideal type of man without investing in dating apps, relationship coaches, and matchmakers. You can buy The 7 Attraction Cues Temptress Technique online through the official website.


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