Not classy enough for theaters?

Oh my goodness. Alaina St. Clair from Renton considers the city’s theaters “kind of nasty.” She goes downtown for movies, except for the new Regal Cinemas at The Landing. I guess that makes the rest of us who enjoy the Renton theaters, including the new one of course, not quite classy enough since we consider the rest of the theaters nice. We’re not snobby enough, huh?

  • Oct 23, 2008
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Thanks for fall color at Coulon

I’m sure that they have all moved on by now, but I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to those who were involved in planting the avenue of gloriously colored trees we see each year on and around Gene Coulon Park and along Lake Washington Boulevard.

  • Oct 23, 2008
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Maxwell has hand in schools

Elections are the time to speak our truths individually, with no concern of repercussions or consequences. We don’t have to agree or disagree with anyone, just our own conscience. There was a letter in the Renton Reporter recently that said someone should investigate the Renton School District. Since Marcie Maxwell is running as a legislative representative and is a member of the Renton School Board, that might not be a bad idea.

  • Oct 23, 2008
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King County budget cuts threaten region’s quality of life

Girls and boys like me are considered victims and in the papers we’re called victims but a great percent of us are not victims. ... But I choose not to take the title “victim” because I will NOT sit around feeling bad for myself because this happened to me. I choose to be the victor because I survived.” - Katrina

  • Oct 21, 2008
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ENDORSEMENT: Marcie Maxwell is the clear choice for 41st District, House Position 1

We in a quiet way on several occasions have talked up Marcie Maxwell in her race for an open seat in the state House of Representative, representing the 41st District. Now, after talking with her opponent, Steve Litzow of Mercer Island, we can whole-heartedly give our endorsement to Maxwell.

  • Oct 17, 2008
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OUR VIEW: A red light for Eyman’s latest

Tim Eyman is at it again and Renton might lose what could become a key piece of the city’s efforts to keep busy intersections and school children safe.

  • Oct 17, 2008
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Agencies that help others desperately need our help

Never, it seems, has there been such desperate times financially, especially for those who rely on Wall Street to reach their goals in life, including retirement.

New Renton garbage contract is the right thing for the environment

Renton, it’s time to start playing with your garbage. It’s all for a good cause, the environment. The City Council unanimously approved a new garbage contract Monday night, a smart move. It was time.

Renton’s Communities In Schools gives important services to families

As a school nurse for 14 years, I’ve had the great fortune to work in schools with the Communities In Schools of Renton’s Family Liaison program ever since it began in 1994. I still remember what it was like before family liaisons began working in the district. Food bank referrals, clothing bank referrals, housing referrals, transportation referrals and holiday assistance requests generally came to the school nurse. 

  • Sep 23, 2008
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Renton: Learn how to get along with wildlife

Who came first? In this case, the bears. That’s important as we try to figure out how best to co-exist with wildlife as we move deeper and deeper into their territory.

WASL: Renton has reasons to celebrate

Scores from last school year’s Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) were recently released by the state’s education office and Renton has a lot to celebrate.

  • Aug 29, 2008
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Olympics: The thrill of victory is thrilling to watch

Like many of you, I’ve enjoyed watching the Olympics from Beijing. Who couldn’t get caught up with watching the wonder of Michael Phelps, with the help of his teammates and supportive mom, win eight gold medals?

An important race in the 41st District

It sure seems early for a primary election, in mid-August, when the sun shines bright and hot, and minds are elsewhere, like Beijing.

Initiative 26 gives voters more choices

Next week’s primary isn’t exactly a barn-burner as many races only have two candidates, at best. Most candidates will move on to the general election. Still there is an issue on the ballot that deserves attention.

  • Aug 12, 2008
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Share the roads, avoid the problems Share the roads, avoid the problems

There’s no question that bicycles are popular around here. The Interurban Trail, the Cedar River Trail and the Green River Trail draw bicyclists (and walkers) daily. Drive to Redmond and you can find a velodrome for bicycle racing.

  • Aug 1, 2008
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Renton River Days: Take it easy, enjoy

I gladly took my “patience pill” on Wednesday when the crowds – and they were big – started rolling in for Kids’ Day, at Liberty Park, right next door to our office.

The truth about the summer yard sale

While recorded history stretches pretty far back, it doesn’t go back far enough to tell us the name of the person who invented the yard sale. Perhaps it was an early caveman named Og Yard. Maybe Og had decided to unload a bunch of spears and clubs he didn’t need any more by staging a cave sale – or maybe he called it a “spring cave-cleaning sale.” No, wait a minute! That’s preposterous. That had to be Og’s wife. No man would ever get rid of perfectly good spears and clubs.

  • Jul 22, 2008
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The silent killer: Driving while fatigued can devastate lives

An 18-year-old Issaquah woman got behind the wheel of her car on July 18, 2006. When she did, she made a series of reckless personal… Continue reading

  • Jul 18, 2008
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Billy Frank Jr. The Battle of the Species The Battle of the Species

Nature has established a rhythm through the millennia of our planet’s existence. It’s a rhythm that, for the sake of our children’s children, society cannot continue to ignore.

  • Jul 17, 2008
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Oh, I am feeling motivated

I’m planning to write one of those self-help, motivational books one of these days. That is, if I can get up for it. I almost got around to it yesterday, but I got invited to a chili feed at the last moment.

  • Jul 15, 2008
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