COMMENTARY: Local agencies responding to problem of homelessness

By JASON JOHNSONCity of KentThe need for housing and human services is rising in South King County. The system is stretched beyond its capacity. The… Continue reading

  • Apr 9, 2009
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EDITOR’S COLUMN: Calendars, grazing, community blogs

We’re excited about a new feature at rentonreporter.com. It’s an online calendar that’s open to anyone who wants to post an event or activity or… Continue reading

REAGAN DUNN: Tough questions due if county raises taxes

While the federal government is pouring trillions of dollars into the economy to get banks lending and people spending, Washington lawmakers are talking about new… Continue reading

  • Apr 2, 2009
  • BY Wire Service
Rich Zwicker
Rich Zwicker

COUNTY COUNCIL: Public safety regarding Howard Hanson Dam is ‘paramount’ importance

By JULIA PATTERSONand REAGAN DUNNKing County CouncilThe Howard Hanson Dam, which regulates the flow of the Green River to prevent flooding throughout the Green River… Continue reading

  • Mar 20, 2009
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EDITOR’S COLUMN: Educators, businesspeople get a look at the real world in Renton

Understanding comes from experiencing something.I think that’s a good way to look at the benefits of the wonderful exchange recently between local businesspeople and educators… Continue reading

  • Mar 12, 2009
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EDITOR’S COLUMN: Bryn Mawr church steps up to help the homeless

Once again, it’s a church that has stepped up to help solve one of our most heartbreaking problems, homelessness.But almost as heartbreaking as homelessness is… Continue reading

MAYOR LAW: Building partnerships with our state legislators

By DENIS LAWMayor, City of RentonIt’s difficult to discuss anything other than the economy these days. I’m frequently asked how things are going at City… Continue reading

  • Feb 27, 2009
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EDITOR’S COLUMN: State must work with Renton to make growth management laws work

Capturing all the black ink in the current session of the state Legislature is what to do with all the red ink – about $8… Continue reading

Tough times: We’re in this together

By TERRI BRIEREMember, Renton City CouncilThe City of Renton has major hurdles to overcome in today’s faltering economy. There are difficult choices to be made.… Continue reading

  • Feb 26, 2009
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MAYOR LAW: Renton responding to tough economic times

By MAYOR DENIS LAWIn a recent memo to city employees, I had the unpleasant task of explaining the financial status of the city, which is… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2009
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Non-partisan way of doing the people’s business

By JULIA PATTERSON AND REAGAN DUNNLast November, the voters in King County made a significant change to the way their county government is organized.Your King… Continue reading

  • Feb 13, 2009
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EDITOR’S COLUMN: Here’s a chance to learn together

It’s a complex job, being a teacher in Renton. Try to wrangle a roomful of 8-year-olds, at the same time teach them. That’s not to… Continue reading

OPINION POLL: Should Renton dredge the Cedar River to ease flooding?

The City of Renton has dredged, along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the lower Cedar River to help ease flooding by giving the… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2009
  • BY Wire Service

EDITOR’S COLUMN: Who will step up to lead Fairwood?

There is much to like about Fairwood, its boulevards, its convenient shopping. In South King County, it probably most mirrors some of the upscale communities… Continue reading

Renton Reporter photographer Matt Brashears

EDITOR’S COLUMN: Rentonreporter.com: Where Renton starts

For as long as I can remember, there has been a newspaper open on my kitchen table in the morning. That’s where I still prefer… Continue reading

Renton Reporter photographer Matt Brashears

OUR VIEW: Vote Sherril Huff for elections chief

In case you don't recognize her name, it's Sherril Huff who is running the King County Elections Division. Her charge? Make sure elections are run… Continue reading

Elections Division needs a professional at the helm

Voters throughout King County are casting their ballots for a new elected position: Director of Elections. The public decided in November to change the position… Continue reading

OUR VIEW: Seattle’s tunnel will cost us


  • Jan 15, 2009
  • BY Wire Service

A City of Fairwood needs careful thought

These are tough times for governments, especially local ones that provide the types of services that touch the everyday lives of people.Those services include police,… Continue reading